Know About The Last Two Days Of Navratri: Ashtami & Navami

Navratri: Ashtami & Navami

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The nine nights of Navratri are all about worshipping the divine powers, keeping ritualistic fast, and adopting a calm and meditative lifestyle. Among the nine Durga avatars, today we are discussing the last two days of the ritual- Maha Ashtami and Navami. For a peaceful and devotional start to the days, you can buy your required religious items from the best puja samagri store in India. 

Ashtami: Goddess Mahagauri:

On the eight-day of Navratri, Mahagauri puja commences with full fervor and ritual. She is the personification of beauty and glory and hence the name Gauri. Devotees worship her with puja thali items and divine puja samagris to receive her choicest blessings. She is the Goddess who denotes peace and endurance. 

Here Is A Little Tale About The Origin Of Goddess Mahagauri:

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati observed hard penance to marry Lord Shiva. After years of her austere penance in heat, cold, heavy storm, dust, she became tanned and developed a dark complexion. When finally Lord Shiva was happy with her prayers and impressed by her patience, he decided to marry her. That was the time when he let the pious Ganga river clean Mother Parvati. After this, she became a divine beauty and acquired the name of Mahagauri. 

Navami: Goddess Siddhidatri:

Devotees worship  Goddess Siddhidatri projected as a four-armed deity sitting calmly on a lotus. She holds a lotus, maze, discus, and a book. Thus the form of Navdurga portrays an abundance of knowledge, vitality, and wisdom over ignorance. As she has 8 divine powers, therefore she is popular by the name. These 8 powers include Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakambya, Ishitva, and Vashitva. 

On the ninth day of Navratri, devotees pray to the Goddess and keep a fast to offer til. They previously engage in puja samagri online shopping to buy Navratri puja kits online. This ensures the family and near ones of the devotees feel protected from the unfortunate mishaps. Another important thing that devotees should concentrate on is the Nirvana cycle. By the grace of the Goddess, devotees can gain power present in their Nirvana Chakra. 

A Little Story About The Origin Of Goddess Siddhidatri:

Mother Siddhidhtri’s origin starts when our universe was nothing but void. It was completely dark and there was no sign of life. Out of the blue, one fine day there was a celestial light that filled the entire space. After a few minutes, his light took the form of Goddess Mahashakti who was the main force behind bringing the Trinity to the universe. Later it was Goddess Sidhhidatru who bestowed the Tridev with divine powers or siddhis. 

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