Know About the Rituals of A Traditional Hindu Wedding

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Hindu weddings are a royal affair and there are a lot of rituals included in this process. You can also do pandit Ji booking online. Read on to know more.

Weddings are a miraculous and grand celebration of love and commitment. It celebrates the eternal bond between two souls who vows to spend the rest of their lives together. Weddings also depict and present the rich and royal culture of each religion. It is the purest form of relationship that exists on earth. There is nothing more beautiful than two people in love getting to spend their entire lives together.

One of the most royal forms of weddings is the Hindu wedding ceremonies. You surely have seen a Hindu marriage, and if you have not yet, then you are missing out on a grand affair. A Hindu wedding ceremony includes a lot of rituals and beliefs. A priest usually performs the wedding, and nowadays you can do pandit Ji booking online for marriage in Delhi. All you have to do is type book my pandit online near me, and you will get numerous options., Getting a pandit for a wedding in Delhi is very easy.

Hindu weddings are a lavish affair. It includes several rituals, and for that, you can get indian puja items from puja items online stores. Arranging a whole wedding takes several days, and it may even take up to a year. It requires a lot of pooja things which you can get by doing online pooja samagri shopping from puja samagri store online in Delhi. Let us have a look at the whole process and rituals.

The Grand Rituals of A Hindu Wedding:-

Fixing the Muhurta:-

This is the most exciting yet nervous part of the wedding. It is also the first step when the celebrations begin. The groom’s family and the brides’ family get together. They invite a priest who gives them suitable muhurtas. Then the families decide upon the date when the celebrations are to be held.


Mehendi is a traditional ceremony where the bride’s hand is adorned with henna. It includes a pooja, and for that, you need pooja items from the pooja samagri shop online in India. You can get all the puja samagri online.


Sangeet is a pre-wedding party where the families get together and dance their hearts out. It is also very grand and lavish. This usually takes place a few days before the wedding. This usually takes place on the evening of the Mehendi ceremony

Haldi Ritual:-

This is when the actual wedding celebrations begin. This ceremony takes place on the mornings of the D-day where the bride and groom are painted with Haldi. Haldi is meant to sanctify them and gives a beautiful glow. You can get indian puja items for this ceremony from puja items online stores.

The Wedding:-

Then it is time for the most exciting part, which is the actual wedding. A priest performs the ritual and binds the couple in an eternal bond.


Vidaai is the part where the families have to bid farewell to the bride. This is an extremely moving part, as the bride leaves her maternal home and leaves to make a new home forever.


These are the main rituals of a Hindu wedding. If you know someone whose marriage is near and still don’t have a priest, then visit PujaShoppe and book your pandit online. Also, they are the best religious store, and they won’t disappoint you with their products.

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