Know About the Spiritual Significance of Chhath Puja: Beliefs & Rituals

Chhath puja

Chhath puja commences two days after the Diwali festivity and has much significance in certain Indian states. Shop for quality puja essentials from the puja saman store.

An ancient ritual that is native to the Indian subcontinent. Chathh puja is most commonly celebrated in BiharJharkhand, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, and even in some parts of Nepal. The ritual is in honour of Surya Devta and devotees worship him with online puja samagri

The Sun is the primary source of life on earth and therefore on Chhath puja devotees show their reverence to Usha, the first rays of morning, and Pratyusha, the last rays of the evening. The ritual songs across a period of 4 days and according to beliefs it is one of the toughest and most rigorous festivals. People who observe this ritual have to keep away from water and food. Hence it might seem difficult for those who are celebrating the ritual for the first time but everyone happily indulges to reap the benefits of praying to the Sun. 

1. About the Festival:-

2. The Four-Day Festivity Involves:

  • On the first day, devotees take a holy dip in the Ganges or any other pious water body and eat only one time. Usually, their meal consists of bottle gourd rice and chana daal. 
  • Also, the second day starts with fasting and performing puja with puja thali items and divine puja gifts. The devotees can break the fast in the evening. 
  • This is the day when devotees completely abstain from both food and water. They offer Sanjhiya Araghya and pay gratitude to the Sun God with full devotion. 
  • On the fourth day, they break their fast after worshipping the sun God & this ritual is known as Bihanya Arogya. 

3. The Two Legends Associated with Chhath Puja:–


Lord Rama, said to be a descendant of Surya Narayan has given a lot of inputs to Chhath Puja since its inception. According to beliefs after Rama and Sita returned to Ayodhya after the exile. They kept a fast in the honour of the sun. They broke it the next day when the sun arose and this small offering later evolved in Chhath puja. 


Karna, the valiant warrior, was the son of Maharani Kunti whom she received as a blessing from the Sun God. Karna would religiously pray to the Sun during sunrise and as per his vows, he would give anything in his capability to the poor and needy. 

Yet according to another story, the Pandavas along with their wife, Draupadi performed a similar puja in the honor of the Sun, and from that day onwards the popular festival of Chhath puja came into being. 

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