Know the Essential Things to Include In Your Puja Thali

silver puja thalisIn Hindu Dharma, there are many ways to worship the divine God. If we consider one such path then ritualistic worship (Kamakanda), a Path of Devotion (Bhaktimarg) is one of that path. But if anyone follows the path of Kamakanda then the person has to maintain the spiritual significance attached to it. The main essential Puja Thali that is important for every Hindu puja is consists of a big tray where all the elements of the Puja are placed and properly decorated. In Hindu religion, festivals, any traditions or in any rituals puja thali is considered to be a very important thing. Puja Thali generally available of different metals and you can also decorate your puja thali in the way you like.

Mostly it is found that people prefer to buy silver puja thali if budget is not your concern. It is so because it will give you magical glow in your thali when you add a diya in your thali. Also, silver is considered as an auspicious metal for worshipping deities.

Before starting the actual puja it is important that people accumulate all kind of puja samagris that is used in any puja. According to the scientific spirituality, it is said that the elements in the puja thali must be arranged based on five cosmic elements. The elements are Earth or Prithvi, Holy Water, Fire or Tej, Wind or Vayu and Ether or Akash. These cosmic elements are chosen because they are considered to be the most important essentials that balance the entire universe. These elements help the worshipper to get the maximum blessing from the deity who is worshiped.

The arrangements of the components are generally very important because there is a specific ritual to arrange it. The entire puja thali is divided into two parts equally. The forefront of the thali is for the deity and positioned close to the deity who is been worshiped and the other end in front of the worshipper. There is much kind of puja items required to place in the thali. Here are some kinds of elements which you can take into consideration while buying online puja items.

  • Powders – In every puja thali turmeric powder or haldi is an essential item as well as the vermillion powder. Both this powder need to be placed in front of the worshipper.

  • The atar, incense sticks, sandalwood paste, flowers, a special kind of druva grass and leaves also need to be placed in the puja thali.

  • The nuts and leaves of the betel plant are also placed in the thali as well as the money that is offered to the deity. This ritual is called Dakshina. These elements need to be placed at the lower end of the worshipper.

  • Rice grains also considered as an important element in the puja thali. It should be placed in the central part of the thali. The other elements must revolve around the rice grains.

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