Know How the Ancient Sculptures are Utilized in Hindu Worship

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The sculptures of deities used in Hindu religion enables the devotees to understand the significance of divinity. The images may alike human beings or can also look abstract. Also, it should not matter that whether they had been made with copper or gold metal, the importance of these sculptures remain considered equally holy and sacred.

According, to Hindu culture these deities can only worshiped by the priests in the temple. The temple according to the Hindu religion is a sacred place where not only the Gods are worshiped but also where the Gods reside. The priests actually serve the Gods with great honour and they only have the right to perform such rituals directly. According to the Vedas, the Brahman priests are compared to the immortal Sun.

Although many images of deities are already considered that they are filled with spirituality and divinity. On the other hand, the scenario is completely different for other deities as the priests had to bath and dresses accordingly to invite the Gods and Goddesses. The spirituality enters the images after chanting mantras by the priests. Though, these traditions were followed in the ancient era as for now the traditions have changed a lot. Nowadays, with the emergence of technology things has become much easier and fast. The online pandit service has definitely made the work of the people easier and hassle free.

In ancient times for example, if we speak about the sculpture of saint Sundara and his wife, Paravai who are a strong follower of Lord Shiva. They were dresses beautifully and for one year they were been worshiped in ancient times I any temple. After a year, an elaborate puja was performed and they washed the deities with holy water, milk, honey, curd before they were drape with ceremonial clothes. After that, they were dressed with lavish jewelleries as well as garlands of flowers.

The work of the priests generally starts after the ritual when they invoke the spirit and depicts into the sculptures. While the puja is performed it is believed by the people that the spirit is in the deities. During big puja, even the deities were accompanied by elaborate processions along the streets followed by hundreds of devotees. The Hindus believe that even a glimpse of these deities and a direct visual communication will bring peace and prosperity in their life.

No doubt, Hindu religion includes giant rituals that most of the people don’t know but yes still the priests are considered to be the most important person and still considered to be the living incarnation of God. But to make the rituals easy many online puja stores have come up, that provides a one stop solution for all your puja rituals.

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