Looking At the Shakti Peethas – The Story of Devi Durga’s Incarnation


Exploring Incredible India should start by acknowledging the magnificence of the temples, located at the distantly dangerous places of the country. Interestingly, nature has a story to tell. The story is of an existence of an entire civilisation over the centuries through the lens of the Shakti Peethas. To a Hindu family, the concept of Shakti Peetha summons the sacred places of worship where the ashes of Maa Sati, the female deity had fallen on the planet earth.

What exactly is the Shakti Peethas?

The beginning of these Shakti Peethas dates back to one of the incarnations of Maa Adi Shakti, Maa Sati then. The ashes in the form of her body parts sprinkled on the peninsular subcontinent. The ancient stories reveal Maa Sati burnt herself in the Ygana Havan conducted at the premises of her father Prajapati Daksh. The very place located in Haridwar, has been regarded as the Maa Sati Kund Kankhal. The burnt corpse of Maa Sati fell on the earth when Lord Vishnu cut her with his Sudarshan Chakra. It was only to stop him from doing the Tandav, which Lord Shiva was doing after taking Sati on his shoulders. There are four Adi Shakti Peethas as prescribed by some religious texts like Shiva Purana, Devi Bhagavata.

The First Place of the Adi Shakti Peethas:

Adi Shakti’s Pada Bimala, being the body part has fallen in the inside complex of the Jagannath Temple. This makes the holy shrine visible and worshipped by thousands of devotees for more than a decade. Based on the ancient Godfathers, primarily the priestly classes, Puri regards to be one of the popular pilgrimages. The famous temple located in the state of Odisha underwent religious as well as social currents with the turn of the centuries. In case you are planning to make a visit to the holy shrine make your purchase of the Online Puja Samagri.

Offerings to the Vimala Temple:

Devi Durga takes pride among the people of Orissa. Nevertheless, to it was here in the region she is worshipped as the Vimala Devi. As it fell on the complex of Jagannath, it could acquire special significance as the sacred shrine as identified in the avatar of Devi Durga or Parvati. Prior to the location, the presence of Jagannath, originally a form of Vishnu, hail to be prayed as the Bhairava. It is only in this place Vishnu is compared with the trinity of Lord Shiv Ji. Before paying homage to Jagannath, people showed their gratitude to the Vimala Devi. The presence of the Rohini water inside the temple is pious to many.

Coming on to the offerings, the Goddess claimed to the wife and an indispensable part of the Vishnu, who hails to remain equal with that of Shiva. Hence, for such a cause the Goddess is survived by the vegetarian remnants of Jagannath Dev’s meals. Only after the offerings are given to the deities they are distributed as the Prasad. In a way, one can offer their prayers at home by summoning to the Online Durga Idol.

Why is it so significant in our lives?

After knowing about the avatar of Devi Durga, at the time of worshipping the Adi Shakti, it is equally important for us to know why they made our lives so pious. Each religious preaching has something relevant and important in human life. The naval position as presumed to the body part fell on the Puri temple creating the Vimala Devi to preside as the Lord and allow entry of Vishnu avatar here, is offered non-vegetarian items only on certain occasion. For the seekers of Shakti, especially the Tantric, the shrine is of utmost importance than that of Jagannath Ji. Women and Vaishnava are barred from entering the temple on the pre-hours before the dawn when the gates of Jagannath temple is opened.

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