Masik Kalashtami – Story, Puja Vidhi & Its Benefits

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Masik Kalashtami is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. This incarnation of Shiva is known as Kaal Bhairava. On the day of Masik Kalashtami, the devotees worship Kaal Bhairava. In Hinduism, every ritual has its own significance. Kalashtami puja is performed every month on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha. This puja is mostly performed by the Noth Indian devotees. This auspicious day is spend by performing the puja in the right way with perfection and with each and every puja samagri. If you are true devotee of Kaal Bhairava and you perform the puja every month then from now onwards you can order the pooja saman online to make your puja easy.

Kaal Bhairava signifies Kal or death. But the ones who praises him by keeping a vrat during the auspicious day every month, are blessed with a happy life. Kalashtami puja is performed to stay away from all miseries in life. It is the day when the you get the opportunity to worship the most furious avatar of Lord Shiva.

Here’s the Story of Kaal Bhairava:-

It is said that once Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu has a dispute on the topic of supremacy in terms of power. When the discussion raised quite high, Lord Shiva announced a convocation in order to bring an end to the dispute. This convocation was attended by every pure and spiritual soul present there including Lord Brahma and Vishnu. At the end of the assembly, a large Agnilinga arose in front of them. Both of them struggled hard to see the bottom part of the Linga but neither of them could see it. But, this time, Lord Brahma lied to Vishnu that he has a glimpse of the end of the Linga. In such a situation, Vishnu had to accept his failure. But, when Shiva came there, he understood the truth. But still Brahma didn’t speak out the truth and insulted Shiva, the Mahadev. Lord Shiva could not resist himself and created Kaal Bhairava for punishing him. It was that moment when Kaal Bhairava cut off the fifth head of Brahma. Soon after that, Lord Brahma realized whatever he has done. He apologized in front of Shiva and left with no pride and ego in him.

Puja Vidhi:-

According to the Puranas and the Vedas, the devotees of Kaal Bhairava also get the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The devotees should take a bath in the morning and keep fasting on this auspicious day. Every devotee must listen to the Kalashtami Katha very carefully during the puja. Fruits and madira are offered to Kaal Bhairava as prasadam. The vahan of Lord Bhairava is black dog and the devotees must feed black dogs on this day. At late evening or godhuli, keep on concentrating and recalling the name of Lord Bhairava. Every devotee must follow the satvik things ignoring the tamsic things on this day. One should never lie on Kalashtami to avoid being punished severely. The entire puja is performed following the actual rituals and using the right puja items.

What are the Benefits of Performing this Puja?

Kaal Bhairav is the God of nivaran of struggles. If you are able to please him, you are bound to get success in your life. Kaal Bhairav saves all his devotees from death. Even if any of his devotee is suffering from any disease, he blesses him or her a quick recovery and a healthy life.

If you want to seek his blessing then just note down the dates of Kalashtami this year, do your puja shopping online and perform the puja at your home with ease, with perfection, and with complete devotion.

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