Mool Shanti Puja – Its Vidhi, Significance, and Samagris

MOOL SHANTI SAMAGRIMool Shanti puja has several benefits. You can buy the puja samagris online separately or in the form of the kit available here to make your puja perfect.

Mool Shanti puja must be performed for the shanti or to calm down the nakshatras or planets. In this ritual, eleven thousand mantras of the planets are chanted. lLeaves of twenty-seven different plants are collected for the puja, & water is gathered from twenty-seven different places. After the completion of the puja, donations are offered to twenty-seven Brahmins as per the vidhi. Each Brahmin is offered one kilogram of wheat, ghee, money, food, and clothes, which sums up to twenty-seven kilograms in total offered to all of them. In order to perform the puja with perfection, different types of puja items are required. Instead of looking for each and every samagri here and there, you can check them out in a single package in the form of the Mool Shanti Samagri kit at the online store. The puja samagri online store offers it at the best price.

When Should You Perform this Puja?

This puja can be performed on any auspicious day but especially performed on the twenty-seventh day of a baby is born in the family ( a baby with nakshatra dosha ).

What are the Benefits of the Mool Shanti Puja?

  • Performing this particular ritual can eliminate all problems.
  • Eradicates the health problems faced by the parents of the baby.
  • Delivers a balance and stability in career, health, and marriage.

How this Puja Is Performed?

To perform this puja, an experienced pandit is required. A brahmin who is well-trained and has a deep knowledge about the Hindu Shashtras can only perform the puja perfectly. You can either book a pandit online or can call if you know anyone from beforehand. After you have booked your pandit for the puja, get the puja samagri list ready or else just blindly order the Mool Shanti puja kit offered by the online store. After the samagris are delivered, and the arrangements are done, the pandit starts reciting the mantras to help the devotees in getting the blessings of the Lord. You can sit in the puja yourself or can also choose any one to sit on your behalf. It takes a couple of hours to complete the puja. Performing the puja with complete devotion can take away all the evils and ill impacts of the nakshatras.

Mool Shanti puja items are easily available in the puja store online now. You can get the kits as it is recommended by the pandits too. So, no need to worry when making the order online as you can be sure that none of the items required for the puja will be missed out from the kit. The kits has items like Ganga Jal, kalava, mauli, honey, janeu or the sacred thread, roli, leaves of twenty-seven different plants, and everything else needed.

Also, you can check out the specifications given under the product image. To check the contents of the puja kits. With this, you can make sure whether all the items as per your list are there in the kit or not.

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