Observing The Rebirth Of Ganga Devi On Ganga Saptami

India, for centuries have survived her wounds with the presence of the Himalayan Ranges and the water bodies around her. Thus, protecting her from the threats of arbitrary expeditions. However, she has suffered some fierce battles in the past. Known to be the two gigantic weapons, these two natural elements have a deep-rooted connection providing life on the terrains. Moreover, the water bodies are Holy to the Hindus, as for each countryside men in India. The Gangotri, worshipped as the Goddess took a rebirth on the auspicious day of Ganga Saptami. Such that devotes need to order online Havan Kunda to offer the norms rightly.


The Ganga Jayanti Momentousness:

The very event has an unforgettable story to share. Ganga Saptami marks its relevance by associating with the divine Ganga River. It is believed among the devotees that she descended from a heavenly abode on this very day to mother Earth. Marking the call of a celebration as the Ganga Jayanti on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha, in the month of Vaishak Hindus perform the ecclesiastic celebrations. States of Allahabad, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Varanasi, engage in the morning and evening prayers. The holy water has its tributaries flowing down in these areas and is responsible for the social development here.

The Mythological Truth:

civilisation finds it too hard to rely on the mythological stories citing them as spurious. Perhaps the geologists and other scientist have a different story to unfold in deciding the birth of Ganga from the glaciers of Gangotri on Earth after a massive earthquake. Being today’s women, accepting the same is inevitable. However, one may not completely deject the mythological perceptions, especially with nature playing skilfully. God or the power of nature could hardly been questioned, leading to miracles happening here and now. Likewise, taking the ancient thoughts in mind, Ganga has her birth from the sudation of Vishnu’s feet proceeded by a re-birth from the urn of Brahma. Today, the celebrations required us to buy puja samagri.

The Plea from Raja Bhagirath:

The ruler of Kosala, Raja Bhagirath witnessed death of his son’s after a curse given to them, for the evil deeds of his ancestors. The kingdom had no droplets to offer to the sons. Asking for redemption, he pleads earnestly to Lord Krishna seeking Ganga Devi’s blessings to sanctify his land and life. After a decade, Brahma responded with an assurance only to find a problem stopping Ganga to descend her flow on Earth. He feared the force of water bodies coming out of Ganga Devi is so powerful, reversing a negative impact of destruction on Earth. Lord Shiva released Ganga from his head sanctifying the Raja’s ancestral sins and became the problem solver. Shiv Ji being the creator of universe managed to bear the power of Ganga, saving life on planet. With the advice of Vishnu and Brahma, this day came to recall the re-birth of Ganga Devi on Earth as the Jahnu Saptami.

The rites of Saptami Puja:

With the rise of the morning Sun, people dip to take a holy bath. For which online puja patra is used for the morning showers. The prayers witness flower wreaths and diyas released into the holy water. This followed by the performance of the Ganga Arati at the banks. Chanting the mantras of Ganga Sahasranam the devotees also narrates the ashes of their forefathers getting a Mokhsha after contemplating on the river. This believes originated when Ganga started flowing down from the Himalayas and managed to purify the sins of the ashes.

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