Offering Black Sesame Seeds to Lord Shiva: Importance & Benefits

Black Sesame Seeds to Lord Shiva

Observing puja rituals in the honor of the Almighty is a common practice. Offering black sesame seeds to Shiva, from a puja store online holds a special message.

When worshipping Lord Shiva, the importance of offering black sesame seeds to the Shivling is supreme. This is a common ritual among the devotees of Mahadev and is religiously practiced. As a part of the usual puja offered to Shiva on Pradosham, the Archana consists of ‘ Tilakshata’. Or most popularly known as black sesame seeds. 

1. Significance of Offering Til to Shivling:-

  • The number of puja items bought online, all hold a specific purpose. All these samagris find use in almost all the sacred occasions. Similarly, the black sesame seeds are also an important puja saman.  These are a must when offering prayer to Lord Shiva. 
  • Black sesame seeds are first combined with milk or water and then offered to the statue of Lord Shiva as a form of Abhishekam. Usually,  devotees prefer to mix the til with milk as the mixture is held more pious. 
  • The significance of offering til to Shivling is to ward away negative spirits, evil forces from your life. Observing this ritual can bring back all the good luck and positivity. You will be able to lead your life devoid of all problems, and full of happiness. 
  • Moreover, the common belief has that the offering til on Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday is more beneficial.  This will keep you away from black magic, diseases, and impending misfortune. 
  • Thus, to usher in good luck and get the divine blessings of Lord Shiva, it is important that you devotionally follow this ritual. In addition, you should pray to the Lord with full conviction. Once you start doing this you will understand the benefits and how your life changed for the better. 

2. Other Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds:-

Usually, there are two kinds of sesame seeds found in the market- White and black. The black seeds have numerous health benefits too other than religious implications. 

  • A higher intake of macrominerals like magnesium and calcium present in these seeds helps to improve heart risks and also aid in stabilizing blood pressure. 
  • The sesame seeds also contain trace minerals like iron, manganese, and copper that regulate metabolism,  lead to proper cell functioning, and also enhance your immune system.
  • Black sesame seed is also responsible for better oxygen circulation throughout the body. 
  • Being rich in fiber, healthy omega 3 fatty acids, the seeds also work as a laxative in fighting constipation. 

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