Offerings to Shiva on Sawan’s First Monday for Good Health and Wealth

The holiest month of the year in the Hindu calendar is here and Each Monday of this month, known as Shravan Somvar, is a special day cited in Shivpuran. It is a day when an idol is bathed with holy water or dharanatra hangs over the linga. Devotees from across the world mound the linga high with bel leaves and flowers and undergoes fast till sunset. They receive the eternal blessing of Lord Shiva by observing fasts and worshipping assiduously. As we all know, how innocent Lord Shiva is and get impressed easily with devotees. That’s the only reason he is also known as ‘Bholenath’. Shivpuran has provided some really easy ways to perform puja during Sawan month and fulfill all your wishes.

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  • Offer 21 bel leaves to Shiva during Sawan, write ‘Om Namah’ on them with Chandan for effectiveness.
  • Every morning sprinkle cow urine at every corner of your house to get free of all annoyance happening in your life.
  • Feed poor people during the month of Sawan to attain peace and wealth at home.
  • Recite ‘Om Namah Shivay’ every morning to get mental peace and contentment.
  • Feed fishes every morning of sawan for wealth prosperity.

Know the significance of offerings to Lord Shiva-

  • Offer rice to Lord Shiva for prosperity
  • Offer Kesar milk to Shiva linga to get married soon
  • Offer Sesame seeds/Til to destroy your sins
  • Offer Barley to enhance gratification
  • Offer wheat for child growth

Offerings for your ailments and weaknesses-

  • Fever- Water
  • TB- Honey
  • Body weakness- Cow Ghee
  • Sharp brain- Sweet Milk
  • Mental peace- Sugarcane Juice

You can treat any disease by following this procedure at home during the month of Sawan.

Every Monday offer water (avoid using brass utensil) or sesame seeds to Shiva linga. Recite ‘ऊंजूंस:’, while offering. Pray to Shiva to get you rid of your illness.Offer cow milk after 9.15 PM to Shiva linga on the same day for the instant efficacy.

Did you know the importance of flowers you have been offering to Shiva?

  • Any red or white flower- Salvation
  • Jasmine- Mental peace
  • Flax- To impress Lord Vishnu
  • Bell flower- For beautiful wife
  • Shami tree leaves- Salvation
  • Oleander or Kaner flower- New clothes
  • Night jasmine or Harsingar flower- Wealth and Happiness
  • Datura flower- Birth of a son

Follow this practice to raise your money quickly during the month of Sawan

Set up Shiva linga in your home and recite mantra ‘ऐंह्रींश्रींऊंनम: शिवाय: श्रींह्रींऐं  ‘108 times. Offer bel patra to Shiv Linga with each mantra you recite. Write ऐं, ह्रीं, श्रीं on three corners of bel patra respectively. Keep the 108th bel patra in your mandir and pray to it every day.

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