The Significances of Mahavir Swami Jayanti

Mahavir Swami Jayanti

Mahavir Swami Jayanti is around the corner and people celebrate it with different puja saman. Let us learn more about this festival.

India is a land of culture and heritage. The festivities here never ends. You will find people celebrating something or the other every day. One such occasion is Mahavir Jayanti. It is the birth anniversary of Lord Mahaveer. He was the 24th Tirthankara. Devotees also address him as Vardhamana. He was born in a royal family from Bihar around 6th century BC. He was very rich and born with all the luxuries one could imagine at that time. But, at the age of 30, he left everything behind and decided to become a monk. The spiritual life was calling him. He took the road to preach to humans and omniscience. Many people follow him until now. His devotees now spread his preachings across the entire world to make it a better space. At the age of 72 in Pawapuri he took his last breath. So, to honour him on the birth anniversary his devotees celebrate Mahavir Swami Jayanti with puja saman. Let us know more about him.

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The Royal Celebrations of Ram Navami Across India

Ram Navami

There are many rituals of Ram Navami. Devotees usually perform the eight Prahar fasting. Read on to know more about this grand festival.

Ram Navami is one of the most spiritual festivals in Hinduism. Everyone across the country celebrates this festival with great joy and happiness. This festival honours and pays tribute to the birth of Lord Sri Ram.  The seventh manifestation of Vishnu is Sri Ram. Ram Navami is the ninth and last day of Chaitra Navami. Devotees observe it during the Shukla Paksha of the Hindu calendar. It falls on the month of March or April according to the Gregorian calendar.  Peop ,puja thali items store,puja item shop near me,puja saman store near me,puja shopping online, le also call it as Chaitra Masa Shukla Paksha Navami. The Ram Navami celebrations last nine days in some places. Devotees all across the world celebrate with puja samagri online.

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The Magnificent Celebration of Chaitra Navratri in India

Chaitra Navratri

One of the most popular festivals across the country is the auspicious Chaitra Navratri. Read this blog to know more about this festival.

If the pandemic CoronaVirus did not put us in our homes then the whole country would have been preparing to celebrate the pious occasion of Chaitra Navaratri. While it is Gudi Padwa for Maharashtra it is Ugadi for South India and so on. Out of the four Navaratri in India Chaitra Navaratri is one of the major Navaratri.  The northern states especially welcome the new year with these nine days of celebration. Chaitra Navaratri is a huge occasion and people celebrate it with Navaratri puja kits.

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The Significance of Navagraha In Our Lives


The Nine Celestial Bodies together form the Navagraha and they play a very important role in our lives.


Navagrahas are occupying the main place in our life. We are able to live in this world, through their grace only. Apart from the main gods, Navagraha are considered as demi gods, and are even worshipped by the great rishis, sages and saints. In order to get prosperity and to get rid from our problems, it is advisable to visit and worship the nine temples, also called as Navagraha temples, situated nearby the Kumbakonam area.

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The Religious Importance of Gudi Padwa- A Happy Moment

Gudi Padwa is a famous festival in Maharashtra and people celebrate it with various pooja items in a grand way. Read this blog to know more about it.

One of the most vital Maharashtrian festivals is Gudi Padwa. This year Gudi Padwa is on March 25th but with the given situation, it seems like there will be no big gatherings or celebrations. So, why don’t we learn a bit about this festival and find out its religious importance? Gudi Padwa has various names in various cities. South Indians call it “Ugadi” in Telugu and “Yugadi” in Kannada. Some Maharashtrian locals state it as the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada festival as well. This is usually a very royal and grand festival for the people of Maharashtra. Everyone celebrates this festival with pooja items in a glorious manner.

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How to Put A Coconut on A Kalash During Chaitra Navaratri?

ghat sthapana

The procedure of Ghat Sthapana is done with puja samagri after doing puja shopping online. For more information, read this in detail.

Ghat Sthapana is the ritual of arranging a Kalash during any puja. The Kalash is a significant religious pot for every puja that we do with puja kits online. The Hindu culture hails the Kalash as a very pious object. It is a pot that carries the holy Gangajal water. Most pujas are of no value at all. You can either get silver or brass Kalash, and people buy it from puja items online stores. The entire procedure of decorating the Kalash happens during an auspicious time, according to the tithi. 

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Perform this Puja to Fight the Deadly Corona Virus


It is very important today to fight against this Corona Virus spreading worldwide causing not just severe disease but also major panic leading to stress, mental and physical illness.

The virus, which was prevalent in China, has now also spread in neighbouring countries like Hongkong, Singapore, Japan, US and India. And all countries around the globe are doing efforts to stop the spread and find a solution for this disease.

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses transmitted between animals and humans causing illness ranging from the common cold to more severe disease like Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The common signs of infection include fever, cough, respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

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Important Slokas of Various Hindu Gods and Goddesses

gods and goddesses


Worshipping the gods and goddesses forms a part and parcel of our life. Without praying to the god, we cannot keep our feeling and difficulties within ourselves. Hence, prayer is a must for each and every person belonging to different religions also. We are living our life happily or sorrowfully based on our past birth karmas. Though we cannot entirely remove our sins by worshipping the god, at least we would be able to get the courage and strength in our mind and body, and we would be able to withstand in our life without much difficulty. We would feel a sense of satisfaction, that later or sooner, god would fulfil our wishes and needs, and would get greater mental relaxation, and happiness by praying to the god.

I have given slokas of gods and goddess, it is better to chant it on a daily basis, in order to get better results in our life.

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The Divine Festival of Sheetala Ashtami- Basoda Festival


On the auspicious function of Sheetala Ashtami people also perform the Basoda Puja. It is a very popular Hindu festival. Read this to know more about it.

In the honour of Goddess Sheetala, her devotees observe the auspicious festival of Sheetala Ashtami. This is also the day when people celebrate the very famous Basoda Puja with Indian Puja Saman. Basoda is very popular and religious Hindu festival  According to the Hindu mythology and folklore, worshipping Godden Sheetala can bestow a lot of benefits especially to children. As per the calendar of Hindus, Sheetala Ashtami falls in the month of Chaitra. The devotees observe this festival on Krishna Paksha which is the eight-day or Ashtami. According to the Gregorian calendar, it usually falls on the month of March-April. 

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Katha of Mata Anjana Devi

Anjana devi



Anjana is the mother of Lord Hanuman and lived during the Treta Yuga. According to ancient legend, Anjana in her previous birth was a celestial dancer in the heaven, and due to a curse, she was born on earth as a pious Vanara lady and married Kesari, a Vanara king. Vayu Bhagawan, the wind god, carried the spiritual powers of Lord Shiva to Anjana’s womb, and thus Hanuman was born as an avatar of Lord Shiva. The Anjaneyadri hill in Karnataka is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

In Himachal Pradesh, Goddess Anjana is worshipped as a family deity and a temple is dedicated to her and her Vehicle is a scorpion.

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