The Legend of the Elephant God – Ganesh

Hindus worship gods of every aspect of life .Ganesh is one of the primary ones they worship, He is the bringer of good luck and repels bad omens. So this new year, learn about the mythology of this famous deity and worship him in your home.

In the Hindu religion people worship every facet of human life. Be it learning or food or be it , we worship everybody. In the season of prosperity and new beginnings, hindu’s worship the goddess of prosperity and good luck, Ganesh. He is the lord of new beginnings and a remover of problems and obstacles, and due to these reasons he is a favourite all across India, irrespective of culture or beliefs. If you want to start your new year in an auspicious note, buy a lord ganesh murti online and place him in your puja place. He will surely bring you good luck and prosperity.

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Who is this Elephant Headed Fellow Anyway?

Ganesh is one of the most beloved and respected deities in the Hindu pantheon of gods, and he is very easily recognised outside India as well. But why is he so popular? What are the legends surrounding him? He is popularly considered to be the son of Parvati and Shiva. Although the Puranas disagree. They state that he may have been created by parvati or by Shiva or it might have been the case that Shiva and Parvati discovered him. One of the biggest legends surrounding him is the story of how he got his elephant head. It is said that goddess Parvati wanted to take a bath and created a boy to guard her bathroom door. When Shiva, husband to Parvati, returned from one of his royal battles he was denied entry by Ganesh. In a fit of unthinkable rage, Shiva hacked off the head of this boy with his sword. Parvati, was mortified and very upset. To appease his wife, Shiva sent away his minions to get the head of the first deceased animal they encounter. They brought back the head of an elephant and the boy was brought back to life. His enormous head represents his unmatched wisdom and him gaining knowledge through reflection.

The Writer of the Mahabharat

When rishi Ved Vyas was asked to write mahabharat, by Bramha, he needed a writer who could write the great epic fluently. He asked Ganesh if he would write for him and Ganesh agreed. He had one condition before agreeing. He said that Ved Vyas had to dictate the whole epic to him without a pause. The great rishi agreed but said that Ganesh must understand each word before taking it down. Ganesh gleefully accepted the challenge. Thus began the marathon of an epic storytelling. The legends say that during this endeavour of his, Ganesh broke his pen and to continue the writing without any interruptions, he broke of his tooth and wrote with that. Ganesh is remembered as the god of courage and sacrifice.

So if you are a pious person who wants to bring good luck and prosperity to your home, Curate a ganesh puja at your house. Buy puja samagri online and revel in the glory of the god who represents Wisdom and goodluck.


Does Vastu and Fengshui Actually Work?

Vastu and feng shui both developed in Asia as away of arranging elements of a space in a set of rules for a harmonious and peaceful place. But does it actually work?

Asia from its history has a culture of bringing a harmony in the living spaces. In India it has been called Vastu and in China it is known as Feng shui. It is a traditional way of how people should live in their houses and how they should work in their workplaces. It has been practised by generations of Asian people and is still very prevalent now. In the recent years, with the coming of globalisation, the west has also caught up to the trend and now they are following it as well. They can now buy vastu products online and they can also buy Feng shui items online. Thus the prevalence is spreading rapidly all across the world.

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But the million dollar question is does it work? Both Vastu and Feng shui claim to centre the energy of a place and make the environment more harmonious. But if you ask a rational scientist about it, they will say that this is a bunch of horse crap.

Points in Support of Feng Shui and Vastu:

1.  Experts in this field say that a house that has proper vastu done on it consumes less resources than normal. The careful placing of items in specific corners of the house and in specific directions can increase the positive flow of energy in the house.

2.  Vastu or feng shui, even if you do not believe in everything , the correct placement of things in different corners of the house will create a clutter free environment.

3.  Essentially, it is a belief system and people who believe in it feel more peaceful mentally in a house which is properly done in Vastu or feng shui.

Points Against Vastu and Feng Shui:

1.  Vastu means arranging and feng shui literally translates to air water. Arranging a space in a specific set of rules might seem like a stupid idea to many as the artstic sensibilities of a person might not be matching to how things should be kept in a place according to vastu.

2.  Both vastu and feng shui are ancient ways and the time when it was developed the world was a much simpler place. There were no air conditioners, no fridges, no washing machines , no microwave ovens and the electromagnetic radiation caused by these appliances will alter the set electromagnetic harmony created by the same.

3.  Essentially, vastu or feng shui are now existent on a belief system and for any rationally scientific person, a theory without any practical measurable data is null and void.

What to do When a Family Member Dies

Death is a time for mourning in the family and the Hindu faith dictates us to observe several of the.

The End of a Life is a Spiritual Journey

The Hindu faith is one which deals with the grief of death spiritually. The time when there is a death in the family is a time for the family to come together. But with corporate work culture taking up the bulk of the time, coming together and arranging for a grand funeraltakes a lot of sacrifices on the mourners’ part. The fact that people can buy puja kits online is a big step towards relieving them of this sacred duty during their time of mourning. They can utilize this time by being with the family and mourn with all the proper rituals.

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Rituals Observed in After a Death

After a death has happened in the family, the Hindu faith dictates us to observe a number of rituals piously. Here are a few that are very commonly observed.

  1. The body is washed immediately after a death, generally by the women in the family and then sacred ash is applied. In some communities the dead body is also decorated with chandan tika.
  2. A handful of rice and a few coins are given to the body, so that the soul can travel to its destination
  3. The body is placed in a wooden bed and is prepared for the funeral pyre. In the meantime no cooking is done at home. It is said that no fire will be lit in the house until the fire from the funeral pyre has died down.
  4. The friends of the family arrive with food. That should all be vegetarian food and no onion or garlic should be put in it.
  5. The next day the ashes are scattered in a river or a sea or any earth in India. A light is lit and water is kept beside a garlanded photo of the deceased. This is believed to facilitate the safe journey of the soul.
  6. A period of mourning is observed by the immediate family of the deceased lasting from 13 to 40 days, depending on the caste and community. After this period the family is again assimilated into the society.
  7. On the day when the mourning ends a feast is held, when Brahmins and the poor and distressed part of the society is fed a meal for blessings for the deceased soul.

Observing all these rituals piously demands a large portion of a person’s time which may result in career suicides. Nowadays observing all these rituals is a hard proposition. All these rituals need a supervising eye on them and so there is a need to book a pandit. A pandit is a man learned in Hindu scriptures who guide the mourners through this process.

It is said that in these times of grief the belief of immortality of the soul provides solace to the family. Reading out passages of the Bhagawad Gita calms the soul in these times of grief.

The Naamkaran Ceremony – Bestowing Consciousness in a New Born

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The birth of a child commences a list of never ending ceremonies in a Hindu household. The ceremonies conducted are mainly done as a symbolism of the welfare of both the mother and the child. The bestowing of a name on a child is the reminder of the fact that he or she is bestowed with consciousness. This has been the way of the society ever since times immemorial. Keeping at par with the modern times, online portals have brought about the opportunity of purchasing any kind of puja ornament and other essentials that might be required for the ceremonies performed after birth. Continue reading The Naamkaran Ceremony – Bestowing Consciousness in a New Born

The Birth of an Innocent Little Soul And Beyond


While e we look all around us for auspiciousness, there are things that happen and take place quite close to us that can be included in the list of all auspicious happening. The birth of a child happens to be one of the most propitious or fortunate of occurrences for any household. Given the fact that Hinduism happens to be a religion that celebrates every good happening, a similar fervour is manifested in the welcoming of a child after its birth. Keeping at pace with the recent times, you now get to buy puja samagri online for all the rituals that you need to perform.

Continue reading The Birth of an Innocent Little Soul And Beyond

Lay Hands on the Finest Corporate Gifts for New Year


Corporate gifting does form a very vital part of almost all business transactions and interactions that take place. It happens to be one of the best ways in which you can bring about not just a development and boost in terms of the work that you do, but also helps you maintain a cordial relationship with your clients, employees and other people related to the same. Numerous fancy divine gifts online stores have developed in the recent years that lets you buy divine gifts not just for your friends and family, but for your corporate family back at your office premises and beyond. Continue reading Lay Hands on the Finest Corporate Gifts for New Year

Make This New Year Both Happy and Divine

Corporate Gifts for New Year

The work space that we work in throughout the day is undoubtedly a place where we spend most of our time in. Nerve wrecking projects, on time submission of work and managing a vast number of uncanny clients are a part and parcel of the regular work. The best that can be done if you think from the point of view of a higher authority is acknowledging the labour and the hard work that all the employees put in together. In that case with New Year a couple of weeks round the corner, purchasing some of the best corporate gifts for New Year to gift out will in no way be a bad idea. Continue reading Make This New Year Both Happy and Divine

Roles and Responsibilities of a Hindu Priest

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A Hindu priest is also known as ‘Purohit’ or ‘Pandit’ has many responsibilities whenever they are responsible for performing rituals, ceremonies and always follows the instructions of temple rituals. Thus it has become very common that during every puja a Pandit is been called to perform all the rituals. But sometimes it happens that for puja we might not find Pandit on time. In such case, one good option to choose for is to book a Pandit online. Continue reading Roles and Responsibilities of a Hindu Priest

Importance of Online Horoscope in Our Daily Life

Daily Horoscope Online

Horoscope is termed as the movement of planets in an individual’s life during the course of time. In almost every household during an individual’s birth or starting up any new business it is common that we predict the future. Horoscopes generally vary to one person to another depending on their sun signs. Almost one out of every ten person reads their horoscope today either on online horoscope sites or in newspapers. Continue reading Importance of Online Horoscope in Our Daily Life

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