Ekadashi Vrat – An Alternative Pathway to Spiritual Contentment

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Abstinence as they say is advancement to spirituality. It is one of the virtues that are prescribed through the religious tenets of almost all faiths in some way or the other. Though there are various ways of exercising this virtue, the most common mode applied in the religious practise is abstinence from food. There are many festivities linked with Puja that require the worshipper to refrain from food partially or completely till the completion of rituals. In Hinduism, there are quite a lot of occasions that demand such an act. Ekadashi, an occasion that arrives two times in a month, is a peculiar day that is significant only because of the Upavasa or Vrat that is observed on this day. The Puja to be performed on this day can performed buying materials from an online Puja items shop.

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Give Divine Effect to Business Ethics with Online Corporate Gifts

The business is an occupation which not only gives a source of income to you but also provides employment opportunities to a lot of job aspirants. We are not about to begin a topic of commercial activities here. It is just that people need to be told that the role of spiritual products is not confined only in personal life. The scope is widened with the rise of need of giving personal touch to business liaisons for the prospects and as a part of infusing values in business. The tendency to Buy Spiritual Gifts for important clients is quite old and is catching on with the present generation businessman too.
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The Vedic Traditions Influencing Our Puja Ways

The word ‘Vedas’, when we speak of, surrounds us with a certain weight of aura that is carried by it and subsequently the adjectives ‘great’ and ‘ancient’ follows. The magnificence of the vastness and the generalisation of social applications that the scriptures encompass are always a matter of amazement for us. Although its origin is veiled in ambiguity, the contents that they comprise are a source of clarity in various aspects of life, even today. We are hazed by the western impact in this age and have got our ethnicities blended with that of foreign culture. People have adapted themselves to technologies and comforts, the products of which claim to save time and energy. An example of this is, to do away with physical shopping people prefer to buy online Puja Samagri. The lives have changed but some values still remain intact.

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Avert the Obstacles on Your Path with Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat

We humans are born as mortals and with various desires that keep us active and working during our lifetime. There are very few who are able to conquer their wants and get over the hyper human emotions. Those are the sages, which might rarely exist in this age of highly commercialised and materialistic societies. Spiritualism has now been restricted to Puja rituals, to prepare for which people buy Pooja Samagri online nowadays. This is because people are going through serious time constraints and stress, which also have contributed in moving away from the other aspect of spirituality – Dhyana. However, the latter mode is only way to relieve ourselves from all the problems.

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Spiritual Gifts Online to Show the Compassion Within

The concept of spiritual gifts in Christianity has come from the holy Bible. It refers to the ability of quality which is endowed by the Holy Spirit into the Apostles or practically in every believer of God, in one form or the other. It is said that the mystical attributes are bestowed to the children of god to glorify Him through working towards upliftment of religion and society. This was about the “Charismata”. We are about to move towards worldly virtues now. Don’t be surprised to hear that you may buy spiritual gifts online too. The curiosity is justifiable, but we are not talking about the behavioural but material gifts.

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Say a Lot with Symbolic Divine Gifts Online

When you are about to buy a gift for someone special, what is it that one thing that you want to imply? I bet it is the extent of your love for that person. Well, that is true for everyone else apart from you. However sacred gifts are more about enabling your beloved’s connection with divinity than about other things. Otherwise, why else on earth would one gift a Superior Puja Kit to a relative?

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Colour Your Loved Ones with Divine Auspiciousness on Holi

Holi is round the corner and you must be waiting to unite with many relatives and friends, whom you missed during the busy schedule. There is a lot of ways that people convey their regards and adulation to the people whom they value. The online divine gifts collections offer a range of items which when given as gifts, would be treasured by the one who receives.

What Makes Holi SpecialThe ecstatic atmosphere created during Holi also binds people. It is an occasion, when even rivals connect with each other. The employees in corporate houses and members of a family take this occasion to colour each other, either as a ritual formality or out of love and mischief. Whatever be the intention, the tradition brings people close and sometimes removes the malice and unfriendliness successfully.

The festival is also marked as the defeat of the wrong. It is, therefore not a vague celebration but a joy of prevalence of Right. Certainly, such a special event calls for presenting a souvenir, to imbibe the spirit of the festival into one’s life.

Which Are the Ideifts Religion is something, which form the background of the origin of this festival. Therefore religious articles would be the best choices.

There are many items which can be gifted to the ones you desire to make happy, some of these online divine items are:

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Puja Shoppe, a Means to Divine “Art of Living”

What do we think of, when we speak about someone being religious? A human being paying respect to the divinity, pleasing Him with various religious rituals, mantras, or by adoptinga certain code of conduct, or everything in a combined way, etc. These are generally the features which we associate with a religious person. People purchase various Pooja Samagris online and offline to perform a Puja. But sometimes they fail to understand the significance of each and every item, used for worshipping.

Pooja Samagris Online

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Hanuman Chalisa Yantra – Bring Good Luck in Life

Have you ever felt like nothing good is happening in your life for quite a long time now? Does good luck seem to come in your way yet slips away?Have you ever wondered why this is happening?

Is any evil power surrounding you and driving away your good luck? Bring the power of Lord Hanuman in your life and make your life blissfull

Hanuman Chalisha Yantra
Hanuman Chalisha Yantra

Puja Shoppe brings for you the Hanuman Chalisa Yantra.The gold plated pendant and chain have the power to make you throb with goodness of spirit and banish evil from your life. Puja Shoppe brings Hanuman Chalisa Yantra in grand discount.Get 90% discount on it today.

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Different Type of Diyas and Their Significance

Puja Samagris play a significant role in Hindu rituals especially while performing Pujas. It is said that the image of the deity which is called Vigraha (in Sanskrit it means devoid of the ill effects of the “planets” or “grahas’).

Brass Hanging Bell Parrot with Deepak
Brass Hanging Bell Parrot with Deepak

So using the right puja materials help us to protect us from the ill effects of the planets like offering flowers ( that stands for the well-being of an individual), fruits (that stands to symbolize our self-sacrifice of the past deeds), burning of incense sticks (stands for the desires we have in our life),vermillion powder (stands for our emotions).

Last but not the least, the significance of lighting diya, represents the light in us, which stands to offer the Absolute.

As per old scriptures, lighting of a diya wards of evil forces and helps us move upward in life. There are more significant facts to know as why we light a diya:

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