Procedure and Auspicious Time of Raksha Bandhan Puja 2016


Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion celebrated affectionately across the country. On this day, sister ties a Rakhi on the wrist of the brother and in return, sister is bestowed with gifts, sweets and money from her brother. But did you know that Raksha Bandhan is not just associated with brother and sister relationship? Raksha Bandhan puja is a noteworthy custom which is also performed to remove all sorts of negativity and lows from your life. You can eliminate all sorts of bad omens and ailments on this day by performing apposite puja on this day. Continue reading Procedure and Auspicious Time of Raksha Bandhan Puja 2016

Feng Shui Redefines the Utility of a Brass Tortoise


Nowadays, you will find tortoise in all families who believe in Feng Shui or Vaastu Saastra. The tortoise is made up of Glass, Resins, Mud, Metals, Crystals or Wood. Tortoises made up of different materials are purchased and used to fulfil different objectives. For example, to achieve promotion in job, people use Antique Brass Kuber Tortoise or Brass Kuber Kachhap Yantra (tortoises made of brass). To overcome childlessness in a family, tortoises with two child tortoise on its back are used. To increase income and attain richness, crystal tortoises are used. To prevent ailments in the family, tortoises of mud are used. The tortoise should be kept in water to obtain the desired results. Continue reading Feng Shui Redefines the Utility of a Brass Tortoise

How to Save Your Marriage with Parvati Puja?

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Some day you may find yourself in a position where you are just on the brink and want best possible help to solve all your marriage issues. You might be taking a lot of advice from your friends and family members about your marriage problem, but it usually doesn’t work. If you are at the edge of rocking relationship and want to save your marriage at any cost then a proper connexion with God will surely help you. After all, what could be a better way to save your marriage than by asking the God, who himself approved of this relation at first. PujaShoppe brings you a puja procedure to save your marriage and there are 100% chances that love will be renewed again.

“Om Hreem Yogini Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara Jangamasya Mukha Hrudayam Mama Vasam Akarsha Akarshaya Namaha” Continue reading How to Save Your Marriage with Parvati Puja?

How to offer worship to Suryadev in the morning?


Suryadev is also known as Atmakarma, where Atma means the soul and the Karma mean indicator. Surya is vital to our survival and bestows us with energy, light, and heat. Along with the Moon, it is the only deity that we can see every day. Suryadev is deliberated as giving life to the entire universe and puja is performed on Sunday. Suryadev is one of the prominent deities when it comes to Hindu religion and it is a major factor behind the influence of life on Earth. Sun indicates power, respect, vitality, the eyes, the heart, fame, status, honor and our ego. Continue reading How to offer worship to Suryadev in the morning?

Unknown Facts about the Famous Kanwar Yatra

Sawan, as known to all is the month of Lord Shiva. Devotees from all across the Indian subcontinent seek the blessings of the Lord by offering rituals and pujas all through the month. One of the most common ritual that is carried out in the month of sawan is the Kanwar Yatra. The option to buy an essential puja kit online has proved to be of great help in the celebration of rituals of this kind.

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Continue reading Unknown Facts about the Famous Kanwar Yatra

Know all the benefits of Burning Bay leaf (Tejpatta) in your home


With an origination to the Mediterranean, bay leaf is a musky leaf from the perennial bay laurel tree. They are commonly used for cooking purposes and preparing perfumes. They are also widely used for medications as they have astringent qualities, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-bacterial properties. Myrcene which is used widely for making perfumes is an integral constituent of essential oils extracted from bay leaves. They also act as an important component of IndianGaram Masala and is one of the important spices used in Mughlai dishes, especially in the much-loved Korma and Biryani. They are also used in cuisines prepared by the Bhutanese and Nepalese. They add an awesome flavour inured with taste and tang for all kinds of foods, whether they are non-vegetarian or vegetarian.

They are widely used for herbal medicines and offers various health benefits as they are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. They also help in treating kidney stones and infections. They also have anti-repelling properties as they contain lauric acid and will ward off mice, moths, and flies. If you are an insomniac and nothing else is working for you then you should try bay leaves as they will help to induce proper sleep. We compiled here so many benefits of bay leaves, but did you know that burning these leaves in your home can enhance health and wealth in your life. Don’t believe us? Stay tuned to know all the benefits you get from burning tej patta-

Peace and Positivity

Ever wondered why there is always the same smell whenever you visit any yoga or meditation center? They use these same leaves to create an aura of positivity among visitors. You can also get these leaves for your home and it will create an aroma of peace and will curb the disturbing discrepancies of the mind and body.

Kill Insects

Annoyed with those little insects, but cannot bring pesticides because of kids at home? Well, we have a safe and environment-friendly solution for you. Just put some leaves around the house and you will get rid of these insects. You can also keep them in the kitchen where you cook as it is completely non-toxic. It is also used for treating bruises, insect stings and snakebite.

Relaxed and Jovial

You will feel relaxed and happy from the aroma created with the use of the bay leaf. They drastically improve your mood, calm your mind and relax the muscles. You can light it in a bowl or add it in the meal after boiling it in water for a few seconds. Make sure the bowl you are using should be resistant to heat.

Valuable Properties

They have strong soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to control the blood cholesterol, treat hypertension or stress, insomnia and epilepsy. It also strengthens the immune system and boosts all your mental activity besides calming the nervous system.

Purifies Room

The smoke of the bay leaves will purify the room and serves a comparable purpose that of a burning incense stick. It is considered sacred as it helps to create the atmosphere free from any pessimism and distress.

Let Your Home Go Divine the Metallic Way This Festive Season

Taking a look at the pages of our geography and history book will give us a fair idea of the dominance of metal products all over our subcontinent since the pre-historic era. One of the most important field that has seen an indispensable usage of metals is the field of home decors. The fact that the realm of divinity has been influenced by this to a great extent has added on to its prominence.

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Five Effective Tips for Puja Room in a Home

The temple is an integral part of our home and if structured in a right way, they can generate a lot of benefits in our lives and will fulfil all our desires. In the present complex scenario, we do not have time to visit temples every day to perform puja, which makes it vital to have a temple in a home to get positive outcomes in health, wealth, and relationship. It is really important to not just take care of the design of the temple but what to keep or what not to keep. PujaShoppe brings you a few tips to make your puja effective and successful.

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घर के मंदिर में ध्यान रखें ये बातें, नकारात्मक ऊर्जा हो जाएगी खत्म

लगभग हर हिंदू परिवार के घर में देवी-देवताओं का अलग स्थान होता है, कुछ लोगों के घरों में छोटे मंदिर होते हैं|वैसे तो परमपिता परमेश्वर सर्वव्यापी है इसके बावजूद अगर घर के मंदिर की स्थापना करते समय कुछ छोटी छोटी, लेकिन महत्वपूर्ण बातों का ध्यान रखा जाए तो पूजा का फल अधिक मिलता है।यदि आप भगवान को मानते है और परमात्मा में जरा सी भी आस्था है तो आप थोड़ा बहुत पूजा पाठ भी करते करते होंगे। पूजा पाठ में विश्वास करते है तो आपके घर में देवी-देवताओं की मूर्तियां और उन्हें रखने के लिए छोटा सा मंदिर भी जरुर बनाया होगा।  वैसे तो परमपिता परमेश्वर सर्वव्यापी है इसके बावजूद अगर घर के मंदिर की स्थापना करते समय कुछ छोटी छोटी, लेकिन महत्वपूर्ण बातों का ध्यान रखा जाए तो पूजा का फल अधिक मिलता है। वहीं यदि इसमें जरा सी भी चूक हो जाए तो यह जिंगगी के लिए कष्टकारी बन जाता है। इसलिए मंदिर की स्थापना करते समय इन बातों का ख्ययाल अवश्य रखें।ईशान कोण में रखें मंदिर- उत्तर पूर्व के कोण को ईशान कोण कहते हैं और इसे देवताओं का स्थान माना गया है। यही कारण है कि ईशान कोण पूजा-पाठ या अध्यात्म के लिए सबसे बेहतर होता है। लिहाजा मंदिर की स्थापना उत्तर पूर्व दिशा में ही करनी चाहिए। साथ ही पूजा करते समय हमारा मुख ईशान कोण में हो इसका भी ध्यान रखना चाहिए।   मंदिर तक पहुंचे रौशनी और हवा- घर का मंदिर ऐसी जगह पर बनाया जाना चाहिए जहां पर सूर्य की रौशनी और ताजी हवा आती हो। इससे घर की नेगेटिव एनर्जी खत्म होकर पॉजिटिव एनर्जी का संचार होता है। साथ ही घर के वास्तु दोष भी दूर होते हैं।छोटी मूर्तियों को दे प्राथमिकता- मंदिर में रखी मूर्तियां छोटी और कम वजनी ही बेहतर होती है।
साथ ही पूजा स्थल पर बीच में भगवान गणेश की तस्वीर या मूर्ति जरूर होनी चाहिए। इसके अलावा देवताओं की तस्वीर इस तरह रखें कि दृष्टि एक दूसरे पर नहीं पड़े। अगर कोई मूर्ति खंडित या क्षतिग्रस्त हो जाए तो उसे मंदिर से हटाकर पीपल के पेड़ या जल में प्रवाहित कर देना चाहिए।   रसोई में ना बनाएं पूजा घर – बहुत से घरों में रसोई घर में पूजा का स्थान बना लेते हैं जो एक दम गलत है। घर के सभी लोग अतृप्त और दुखी रहेंगे क्योंकि भगवान भाव व सुगंध के भूखे हैं। रसोई घर में कई तरह का खाना बनता है- सात्विक भी और तामसिक भी।मृतात्माओं की तस्वीर लगाने से बचे— मृतात्मा या पूर्वजों की तस्वीर पूजा घर में देवताओं के साथ नहीं लगाने चाहिए। पूर्वज हमारे श्रद्धेय हैं, पूजनीय हैं। लेकिन हम उन्हें भगवान मानकर उनकी पूजा नहीं कर सकते।

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