Pitru Paksha Puja: Importance, Beliefs, Rituals, and History

Pitru Paksha

Show respect to your ancestors by performing Pitru Paksha puja with pooja samagri online shopping. Know about the significance, & benefits of this popular ritual.

Performing puja is the ceremonial worshipping of the Almighty with divine gifts and puja samagri through devotional prayers, songs, and hymns. Pitru Paksha puja is one such puja, that is common to Hindus where they show their reverence to their ancestors who left for heavenly abode. It is a popular ceremony that showcases the bond between the present and the past generation. 

In this blog, we will understand the significance of this puja and the history behind performing it. 

1. About  Pitru Paksha Puja: History & Legend

Pitru Paksha is a 16- lunar day period that falls on the second fortnight of the month Bhadrapada or September. The first day of the ritual is Pratipada and ends with the new moon day called Mahalaya. Devi Paksha commences with the end of Pitru Paksha. 

According to Hindu epics and scriptures, when  Pitri Paksha starts, the sun enters the zodiac sign of Virgo. It is during this time that the spirits of the ancestors leave the Pitriloka, a realm between earth and heaven, to stay in the descendent’s homes or house for a month.

2. Importance of Pitru Paksha Puja:-

Beliefs have it that after a person dies, the soul wanders off, unattended and unsatisfied. During Pitru Paksha, Hindu male of the family, mostly the son of the deceased, pacifies the departed soul by performing Shradh. The holy city of Gaya is a special place to observe the; last rites and hosts a fair during this period. 

  • This ritual satisfies the wishes and desires of the souls of the deceased ancestors who still have not attained Moksha. It relieves the soul from being caught in any negative atmosphere. 
  • Repaying debt to your forefathers is as much important as repaying debts to God. By following proper puja vidhi with premium puja kits, puja thali items from online puja samagri stores, and food offerings, we can set the souls free. 
  • Pitri Paksha puts emphasis on the blood ties between 3 generations- the past, the present, and the future. It is a way to know your lineage and reaffirming these bonds. 

3. Rules You Should  Follow:-

  • The Shradha takes place on a specific lunar day, when the ancestor on whose honor the ritual takes place, dies. 
  • Since the ritual is of extreme importance and there should not be any scope for mistakes, Knowledgeable pandits are important.
  • The person performing Shradha organizes devotional Homa during the conduction of the puja. 
  • The person performing the puja should observe fast. 
  • The chanting of the mantras, offerings in the form of food form a major aspect of the ritual. 

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