Pooja for Your Child’s Good Health

Health is one of the most important things in life. Good health makes life beautiful and helps you become a successful Person. If you are a Parent, your joy, happiness, aspirations, basically your whole life resides in your child. But, sometimes the fluctuating health of your child can put you in a state of constant worry. However, at times like this along with the help of a doctor, you need the blessings of almighty God. There are a few Poojas and mantras that will give your child a healthy life and make him as fit as a fiddle.

Ayush Homa 

What is Ayush Homa?

The word ‘Ayush’ means age and the word ’Homa’ means the elaborate fire ritual. So, basically, performing this ritual will give anyone a long and a healthy lifespan, keeping all the diseases and health problems away. This homa is dedicated to Lord Ayush and Lord Mrityunjaya. Performing Ayush Homa is incredibly beneficial and it will also destroy all the evil and negative energy associated with your Child.

Benefits of Ayush Homa

  • It will increase the Lifespan of your Child.
  • It will keep all the negative energy and negative energy away from your Child.
  • Any kind of illness that your child has been experiencing or is going to experience in future will be avoided and Prevented.
  • It will also create any negativity that is associated with your previous Birth.
  • This Pooja will also provide financial Stability.

How to Perform this Pooja? 

  • This Pooja can only be performed with the help of Vedic Pandits.
  • Lord Ayush, Lord Mrityunjaya, and Lord Dhanvantari are worshipped during this Homa.
  • Ghee, boiled rice, and grass is offered to the havan kund during this Pooja.
  • Ayush Homa should be performed on the first birthday of your child or if he is experiencing some kind of prolonged illness.
  • It is performed according to the birth star of an individual and must be done every Year.

Ayush Mantra 

Aum Aayshyam Varchasyartam rayasposhamidwidam
Idatram hiranyam varchasva jitrayavisahtadu mam

How to Recite this Mantra?

  • You can recite this mantra every day after taking a bath and performing your usual prayers.
  • Make sure you use a holy mala while chanting the mantra.

Child Protection Mantra

You can also recite this mantra regularly to Protect your child from all the negative energy and diseases. This will give your child the necessary protection and will always keep him safe.


Aum Namo Bhagavate garudaya

Vyom Keshaya swastyasthu swaha

How to Recite this Mantra?

  • This Mantra must be recited in the morning after taking a bath.
  • You can do this after your daily prayers.
  • Before you begin, take some water in a small pooja utensil and hold it in your hand.
  • The water you use must be filtered or boiled.
  • While reciting the mantra, you must hold on to the cup of water.
  • This mantra should be chanted 101 times and once you are done, you must apply the water as a Tilak on your child’s forehead.x

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