Pooja for Conceiving a Child

Shasti pooja

Every couple dreams of having their own bundle of joy, sooner or later. It is only after a couple is blessed with a child that their family becomes complete and blissful. However, sometimes things don’t work out smoothly. There can be disappointments and hurdles that we will have to face. But, it is important that you don’t become disheartened. There are pujas when performed sincerely, will help you give birth to a healthy baby. Shasti pooja is one such pooja. It is extremely powerful and when performed with complete devotion, helps a married woman conceive a child.

How to Perform the Shasti Pooja?

Materials Required:

Idol of Ganesha, a picture of Lord Subrahmanya, Sandalwood paste, water, pooja utensils, pooja thali, Haldi, Kumkum, Flowers, ghee lamp, Oil Lamp, Incense Sticks, Camphor, Pooja Chowki, Fruits, Prasadam, Coconut with Betel Leaves and Nuts.

• This Pooja must be Performed on the 6th day of Krishnapaksha. This Pooja is for Lord Subrahmanya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

• On the day of the Pooja, you must wake up before the Sunrise and finish all the ablutions.

• Post-bath, clean your house and your Mandir thoroughly.

• Now, decide a spot for the pooja and clean it methodically.

• Place the Pooja Chowki and Place the idols or photos of Lord Subrahmanya and Lord Ganesha.

• It is important to observe a Fast on this day. Your fast begins at Sunrise and ends at Sunset.

• Decorate the idols or photos using Sandalwood Paste, Kumkum, Haldi, and Flowers.

• Light the Lamps and the Incense Sticks.

• First, offer prayers to Lord Ganesha to avoid all the obstacles.

• Meditate with Lord Subrahmanya in mind. Chant this Mantra silently – Om Vali devasena samedha Shri Subrahmanya Swaamine namah Dhyaayaamii.

• To invoke the Lord, chant Om Vali devasena samedha Shri Subrahmanya Swaamine namah aavaahayaamii.

• Now, give a bath to Lord Subrahmanya using honey, coconut water, sandalwood water, rose water, Vibhuti and Panchamrit. A panchamrit is a mixture of honey, milk, curd, sugar, and ghee. If you are using a photo, dip a flower in each of the ingredients and place it near God. You can also perform the abhisheka at a Subrahmanya temple.

• Offer the Prasadam.

• Chant Shanda Shashti Kavacham or Subrahmanya Bhujangam.

• End the pooja with an Aarti and Thank Lord Ganesha for the successful completion of the Pooja.

Rules of the Pooja:

• You cannot do the Pooja just once. If you start, you must do it for 6 years or 12 years.

• You must avoid Non-Vegetarian Food completely during this pious Period.

• It is a 6-day Fast.

• You can consume one Meal at the end of the Day.

• You must not Consume outside food during this Period.

Benefits of Shasti Pooja:

• As mentioned, first and foremost, performing this pooja will help a married couple conceive and deliver a Healthy Baby.

• Unmarried women can also perform this to find a good Husband.

• This pooja will also help reach you the top in your Education and career.

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