Pooja To Find A Perfect Partner

Finding your soulmate is very important in life. A Perfect husband is Someone with whom you can be yourself with. He must be Trustworthy, Loyal, understanding and above all, he must Love you Immensely. However, in life, there are No guarantees or there can be a delay in Finding your other Half.

So, to Make things easier, observing the Swarna Gauri Vrat will help you fulfill this desire. This fast must be followed by Unmarried women whose desire is to find the perfect match and get married. Swarna Gauri is another name for Goddess Parvathi. In the form of Goddess Gauri, she represents virtue, fertility, and power.

How the Vrat came into Existence?

According to the legend, Lord Shiva once described the importance of Swarna Gauri Vrat to Lord Murugan. The story goes, Goddess Parvathi was keen on getting married to Lord Shiva and loved him irrevocably. However, Lord Shiva was still grieving the death of his dear wife Sati and could not reciprocate the same feeling that Goddess Parvathi had for him. Despite the rejection, Goddess Parvathi was determined to win over Lord Shiva, therefore, she started living in the forest and performed intense tapas for sixteen years. Lord Shiva was touched by Goddess Parvathi’s dedication and love and he married her.

How to Observe the Swarna Gauri Vrat?

Ingredients Required:

Kumkum, Haldi, Sandalwood Powder, Flowers, Sacred Leaves, Banana Leaves, Pooja Thali, Ghee Lamp, Oil lamp, Incense Sticks, Camphor, Baagina – a plate that consists of bangles, comb, various cereals, coconut, fresh cloth, rice, 16 types of Leaves, Fruits and Jaggery, pooja utensils, milk, Honey, Curd, Ghee, Sugar and Water.

• This vrat must be observed on the Shukla Tritiya Tithi day.

• On this day, the woman performing the vrat must wake up early, clean the house and cleanse their body thoroughly. Wear traditional clothes and dress up before the Pooja.

• Clean the Mandir and the designated place where you plan on doing this Vrat.

• Keep the idol of Parvathi on a plate of raw Rice.

• Tie banana Leaves on either side of the Goddess to create a Canopy.

• Place a Small Idol of Ganesha and Shiv Ling with Parvathi.

• Do Ganesha Pooja before the Swarna Gauri Pooja to avoid Obstacles.

• Light Incense Sticks and the Lamps.

• Decorate the idol of the goddess with Kumkum, haldi, sacred leaves, and Flowers.

• Take some sacred thread and tie 16 knots on the same. This depicts the tapas and Sacrifices Goddess Parvathi underwent. This thread must be tied on your right hand once the Pooja is complete. You make this for all the women who participate in the Pooja.

• Place the 16-knot thread on the Baagina.

• Bath the idol of Parvathi using Milk, Honey, Ghee, Curd, Sugar and finally with Water.

• Sing Bhajans and Songs dedicated to Goddess Parvathi.

• Recite this Mantra during the Pooja, Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye, Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike, Sharanye Tryambake Gauri Narayani Namostute. This Mantra can be recited for up to 108 times every day.

• Light the Camphor and then do the Maha Aarti.

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