Pooja for a Long Life and a Good Health 

We all want to remain healthy and enjoy the life to its fullest. But, sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, it might not workout that way. However, it can be turned around with the help of the Ayush Pooja and Homa. This pooja can be done by anyone to achieve a Long and a Healthy Life.  The word ‘Ayush’ means to age and when the rituals of the pooja are followed sincerely and correctly, this Pooja increases the lifespan of that person. If you or a member of your family is suffering from any severe health disorders, this Pooja can also help reverse the same.

When you perform this homa, you get blessed by Ayush Devta who is the God of life and Lord Mrityunjaya. The best time to observe this Pooja is to do it on birthdays. This Pooja is so effective that it helps clear out all the negativity from your past life which might be affecting your present. It also improves the quality of your present life and helps rectify any mental illness.

Mantra for Ayush Pooja:

Om Haam Ayur Devataaya Namah

Shloka for Ayush Pooja:

Aum Aayshyam Varchasyartam rayasposhamidwidam, Idatram hiranyam varchasva jitrayavisahtadu mam

This shloka asks the Lord to bless you with a long life, wealth, intelligence and protection from all your enemies.

How to Perform the Pooja? 

The Ayush homa should be observed with the help of a priest. This is because it is not a Small Pooja, but an elaborate homa and Pooja. This Pooja must be performed on birthdays after consulting the Panchang and the Birth Chart as it must be done at the right time. The priest will first offer prayers to Lord Ganesha to prevent any obstacles. For this Pooja, a Kalash is placed with a Coconut, Fruits, Grain, Betel Leaves and Betel Nuts.

The other important Pooja materials for this, are:- Turmeric Powder and Roots, Kumkum, Sandalwood Powder, Camphor, Incense Sticks, Flowers, Garlands, Havan Kund, Cooked Rice, Ghee, Banana Leaves, Mango Leaves, Rice, Coconut, Sugar, Pooja Utensils, Cow dung cakes, Fire Sticks, etc.

The homas are performed by invoking the Agni who is the god of fire. Sun is considered the main source of energy and the Fire symbolizes the energy of the Sun. This helps enrich the present energy and destroy all the Negative Elements.

Benefits of Ayush Homa 

  • It helps rectify major illness or a Disease.
  • When you perform the Homa for children, it prevents any future health problems and Karmic issues. This Homa also helps achieve a positive Life.
  • It removes Negative obstacles from Life.
  • This Pooja also reduces all the bad effects and minimizes the chances of Accidents, Injuries, and other Health issues.
  • Performing this Homa helps rectify the Graha Dosha and brings Peace in Life.
  • This Pooja helps strengthen the bonds of the Family and makes the family Relationships Better.
  • It helps you achieve Good Health.
  • It Prevents Sudden Death.
  • This Pooja also gives you a Prosperous Life.

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