The Significances and Benefits of Some Powerful Yantras


Yantras are a very powerful and meaningful pooja item that can bestow us with a lot of benefits. Read this blog to understand more about them. 

There are many different types of items when it comes to worshipping or doing a holy ceremony in India. Each of these products has its own meaning and benefit. No, here worshipping does not only include offering flowers and sweets to the deities. There are so many things one needs to be attentive about. We not only worship God, but we also worship the planets, stars, sun, etc. One such powerful product is yantra. Yantras are pooja items that can be very beneficial to you and your family. Yantra basically means machines. We use these machines to worship the Elements of life, Navagraha, God and goddesses, stars at a temple, or homes. There is a specific yantra dedicated to each deity in Hinduism. 

You will usually find yantras at entrances of different homes and temples. They are also beautiful home decors. You can get them from any puja store online. Each and every yantra has its own meaning and benefits. They help you to achieve success, become powerful and wealthy, and also protect you and your dear ones from bad energy and evil prying eyes. The holy and spiritual yantras help increase the functionality of human beings in different directions. Also, each yantra has an individual purpose. 

According to ancient legend and scriptures, yantras are the symbolic representation of cosmic and divine powers of the almighty. If we break down the word we get ‘Yan‘ which means sustain and ‘Tra‘ which means growth. Hence, you can say they help to sustain the growth of life. This is one of the many characteristics of a Yantra. 

The Process of Using Yantras While Meditating:-

Choose a particular spot to meditate every day. This spot should be peaceful and calm and also free you from the chaos of life. You also need to choose a yantra as per the energy and benefits you would like in your life. This yantra will help to introduce that energy in your surroundings. Place the yantra on a table or stool which is at a straight level to your eyes. Light a candle in front of the thing. Concentrate and keep your eyes on the burning flame for 7-8 minutes. It is okay to blink your eyes. Channel all your concentration and attention in acquiring the energy from the yantra and the flame. This is one type of meditation and people refer to it as Tratika. There are also different ways to use a Yantra while meditating. When you acquire the energy and power of these Yantras, your aura becomes more powerful. Here are some spirituous types of Yantras that can do wonders. 

Different Types of Yantras:

There are generally 56 different types of Yantras. Each of them has its own benefit and works miraculously. In this blog, we will learn about the five most powerful Yantras. 

  • Sri Yantra:- Sri Yantra is for wisdom, learning, creativity, spiritual enlightenment, beauty, and finance.  
  • Mahalaxmi Yantra:– This is for good fortune and wealth. 
  • Kamla Yantra:- This Yantra is also for wealth and richness.
  • Gayatri Yantra:- The Gayatri Yantra helps in increasing our energy and will power.
  • Saraswati Yantra:- The Saraswati Yantra depicts intelligence, art, talent, education, and knowledge.

Here is some information you need to know about the powerful Yantras. If you want to shop for Yantras then find them at a pooja store near me or check out the website of Pujashoppe

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