Know the Procedure of Worshipping Parth Shiva Linga at Home

Parth Shiva Linga

Worshipping Parth Shiva Linga at home with puja samagri can bring a lot of benefits. Read this blog to know more about the rituals and processes of the puja.

The sole creator and the destroyer of this universe are Shiva- the almighty. He is also the one to put a stop on mortality. This is why you will find a Shiva Linga in any Hindu cremation ceremony. We also worship him first. In this blog, we will talk about the most powerful Shiva Linga- the Parth Shiva Linga. This form of Shiva Linga is the supreme and ultimate of all of them. Devotees believe that you can fulfill all your aspirations and desires by worshipping the Parth Shiva Linga. That is why people worship this Shiva Linga at home with puja kits online

There were different eras. in ancient times- Satya. During the Satya Yuga, jewels were of major importance. Gold and mercury were the primary factors in Treta and Dwapar Era respectively. The present era is the Kali era and Parthiva Linga is in this place. Worshipping this Linga is a virtue of humans. This is the most superior form of Linga amongst all the other ones. If you perform the puja with utmost dedication and devotion, it will help you attain moksha. We also need the right puja items for this puja. Since this is the most powerful Shiva Linga, no error should be made in the puja. Make sure you have the right puja samagri online and also properly arrange them.

The Results of Worshipping Parthiva Linga At Home:-

  • It helps you in enhancing spiritual growth. 
  • Doing this puja helps you take the best and most powerful decisions of a lifetime.
  • It works irrespective of whether you are married or not. Also, anyone can perform this puja. Gender does not matter.
  • It helps you find a partner you desire. 
  • Also, this puja will ensure a long life for your near and dear ones.
  • It helps you find peace after your life ends. 
  • Your willpower will also grow. Thus, making you more ambitious and finally helping you in being successful. 

Ingredients Required for the Puja:-

  • A Parthiv Shiva Lingam: Do pooja samagri online shopping and get a small Parthiv Shiva Linga. 
  • Panchamrit: The pooja things for making Panchamrit are:- milk, honey, sugar, curd, and ghee.
  • Other than this you also require puja thali items like Bel leaves, sandalwood paste, diyas, etc.
  • Also, do not forget shiv mantras. 

The Rituals of the Puja:-

If you or someone close you have Nav-Grah Dasha, then they should perform this puja to get rid of obstacles. You can do puja shopping online from the puja samagri store in India and get the puja items online.

  • It is ideal to do this puja by a Brahmin. Tell him to do Dashashanti of Purush Sookt and Chamaka of Sri Rudra.
  • Keep the panchamrit ready. Also, add some coconut water.
  • You can also use fruit juices.
  • Make a sandalwood paste and apply Tilak. 
  • Offer rose water or ittar.
  • Keep Vibhooti and Alakanda flowers. The priest will provide you the list and take you through the puja. 

These are some important details about the Parthiv Shiva Linga Puja. If you want to do puja shopping online then check out the website of Pujashoppe.

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