The Procedure and Requirements of Doing Kalash Pooja at Home

Kalash Pooja

One of the most popular pujas in Indian households is Kalash puja. Devotees perform it with pooja kits online. Read to know more.

One of the most spiritual and ancient practices in India is doing Kalasha Pooja. The Kalash is an inviolable and holy water vessel that signifies the presence of a divine power inside it. People usually use bronze, copper, or gold pot for this practice. The worship, beliefs, and rituals in India is a major part of the country that influences people all over the world. The same goes for Kalash pooja. It may be really small and insignificant for some people, but the majority of people find this fascinating. Doing Kalash pooja with the right pooja items can bestow your family with a lot of health and happiness. 

What are the Needs for Kalash Pooja?

You do not need much to perform this puja. What you need are devotion and faith. If you have enough of that, then you can perform the pooja with the vessel, water, and some flowers only. You do not need a lot of fancy pooja samagri online to please God. Some of the necessary pooja things that you will need are: 

  • A copper or bronze Kalash,
  • Holy water,
  • Coin/coins (could be ancient coins that are no longer valid),
  • Mango leaves,
  • Bel leaves.
  • Tender coconut,
  • Flowers,
  • Vermilion paste,
  • Camphor,
  • Incense stick,
  • Prashad’s (it could be anything).

The Importance of Worshipping Kalash:-

Now, many of you are curious as to why we worship a pot? There are many reasons. Worshipping a holy pot can fulfill your desires, motivate you, emit radiant and positive energy around the household. It will help you and your loved ones attain peace, good health, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, and much more. You can get all the puja thali items from the puja item store online at affordable prices. Make sure the Kalash is clean and pure. Once you establish the Kalash in the puja place, you cannot reuse it for other purposes. 

The Vidhi of Kalash Pooja:-

Indian rituals and customs are very elaborate and not so easy. They include a lot of details and steps. However, the Kalash pooja is probably one of the simplest ceremonies. Everyone can do it with ease. The majority of the pooja consists of prayers and wishing for something. You can also keep the respective god photo frames in front of the Kalash. 

When you do this pooja, you form a connection with the almighty. He/she showers your life with his holistic blessings and power. It takes you one step closer to achieving salvation. You can do this pooja either in the day or evening according to your convenience. The steps of the puja are:

  • Set a place where nothing will disturb the vessel.
  • Clean the place.
  • Decorate it in your own way.
  • Keep a clean stool or platform and cover it with a white cloth.
  • Apply turmeric and vermilion paste on the coconut.
  • Fill the Kalash with Gangajal, coins, and place the mango leaves.
  • Draw a Swastik symbol on the vessel.
  • Place the coconut on the leaves.
  • Offer the flowers and Prashad.
  • Chant the mantra accordingly. 

You can also take the help of a priest if you want. If you want to do puja shopping online, then check out the store of Pujashoppe. They deliver all your necessary pooja kits at your doorstep.

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