Pooja to Win Back your Husband

For a happy marriage, you need to have a compatible relationship with your husband. However, sometimes life gets in the way and the relationship you once cherished, starts turning sour. These things can never be foreseen and the differences between you and your husband can become upsetting. There can be several reasons why the bonds of your marriage have weakened over the years, maybe, he has become attracted to someone else or misunderstands you. But, this is not the end of this sacred relationship. You can win him back with the Vashikaran Pooja.

Vashikaran is a Pooja that has been followed since ages to win back the Love of your Life. This Pooja consists of powerful mantras and rituals followed by Yajna, meditation, etc. When you follow the rituals of the Pooja correctly, you can not only win back your love but also keep them under your control. Vashikaran will bring back the spark back in your marriage, which was Lost somewhere along the Line.

Vashikaran Mantra

  • This Mantra will help win back the Love of your Husband and keep him under your Influence.


Om Kaam Malini th:th Swaha

How to Use the Mantra?

  • Make a mixture of Gorochan and the pit of a fish.
  • Activate this mixture by reciting this mixture for 1008 times.
  • Apply this Mixture on your forehead Daily. After a few days, you will notice that your husband is getting attracted to you again, he is noticing you and Listening to whatever you Say.
  • This Mantra will help you bring your Husband Home, who has left you. The reason can be anything, however, once you do this Pooja, it will not only bring him back, but he will also fall in love with you all over again.


Om Namoh Bhagvate Rudraye Adrishti lekhi Nahar, Swaha Duhai Kansasur ki Joot Joot Phura Mantra Ishwaro Wacha

How to Use the Mantra?

  • Place a Pair of your husband’s clothing in front of you which you know he will wear for Sure.
  • Energise these clothes by chanting this mantra for 108 times.
  • Do this for 11 days, with a New Pair of Clothing every day.
  • In due Course, he will start loving you back and come back to you.
  • You can do this with the 1st Mantra.
  • This Mantra will help your husband fall in Love with you irrevocably.


Om namah Adesh kamakhya devi ko, jal mohu, thal mohu, jangal ki hirni mohu, baat, chalta batohi mohu, darbar baitha raja mohu, palang baithi rani mohu, mohini mero, naam, mohu jagat sansaar, tara tarila totla, teeno basay kapaal,sir chadhe matu ke,, dushman karu pamaal, maat mohini devi ki duhaai, pure mantra khudaai.

How to Use this Mantra?

  • Keep freshly prepared sweet in front of you and energize the sweet with this mantra by reciting it 108 times.
  • Give this Sweet to your Husband.
  • Do this regularly and you will notice a vast difference very soon. In a few days, he will start loving you Unconditionally.

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