Positive Monday Motivation to Help You Get Through the Entire Week

Monday Motivation

Thank the Almighty and pray to him with premium quality puja samagri for everything he has bestowed on you. Some motivation to get you through boring Mondays. 

Praying to the Lord early morning,  with essential puja thali items is a great way to calm our minds and begin our day with renewed energy. 

However, after fun Sundays, the thought of approaching Monday makes most of us unhappy and sad. Be it, students or professionals, a majority of people have bitterness filled in their hearts for Mondays. Reason? The first day of the week brings with itself the same monotonous life, the pressure of working non-stop for 5 to 6 days straight before relaxing on a Sunday again. We know how difficult it is to manage everything tactfully and work enthusiastically all throughout the week. It is quite normal to feel deflated but succumbing to the situation is not the right approach. Instead of feeling laid back or demoralized, we should start the day on a positive note. 

Here are some Monday motivational thoughts that we hope will help you cut through the negativity and embrace every day with positivity and gusto. 

  • Start your day with an aspirational prayer and devotional hymns. Reciting Lord’s mantra on a Monday will be fruitful for you. This holy mantra will help you get the much-required energy and the motivation to start your day afresh, keeping aside all the negativity. Also, it will give you the confidence to approach your work in the right manner. 
  • After two days of holiday, getting back on the routine life on Monday is a huge problem. If you want to kick start your day with vitality and vigor, make sure you dedicate some time to exercising. You can engage in yoga which will grant you the tranquility of the mind as well as your soul. Working out will help you get rid of the lethargy, and help you rejuvenate. 
  • Also, try assigning small tasks to yourself like getting up early, eating a balanced diet, getting to work on time. If you accomplish all these little things, it will automatically make you feel good about a Monday. Take these small steps and also see how you no longer feel the need to brood about a Monday. 

Monday motivation is all about having a positive mind, the right attitude, and a zeal to strive towards excellence every time. 


Having a religious bent of mind will prove to be an incentive in your journey of kick-starting your week with Monday. Instead of evading your course of work or studies, it will take you ahead and make you guide fall in love with it. Let Pujashoppe be in this journey of yours. Indulge in puja shopping online to purchase divine gifts, spiritual frames, and other essential puja kits from this reputed brand. 

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