Prabhat Khabar Applauds the Spiritual Hybrid Model–


A recently published news in the leading Hindi newspaper Prabhat Khabar interviewed Tapas Mallick, the CEO of to understand his efforts in benefiting the sphere of performing the puja rites rightly. The popular daily, in a way,praised the former student of Ranchi University for making India proudly chant its religious sources whole-heartedly. What has been symbolic was addressing them as an eminent hybrid model.No wonder the Online Puja Samagris availed from the one-stop solutions has reduced the trouble of arranging puja norms.

What does theHybrid Model mean?

First of all, the house of spiritual services has so far reached hands of the thousands in becoming the leading E-commerce site. However, they are also relied upon as the sole start-up, managing the hybrid model significantly. They are so called for operate services both offline and online at the same. Recently, they have 10+ stores in places of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bilaspur, and Bangalore. Higher is the chances of expanding these stores across the nation with the promise of solving lakhs. Typically, operating two of the wings efficiently are called as the hybrid model by the business professionals.

How benefitting is the start-up?

Quite an obvious turned the question when asked to the founder, he cleverly stroke back!Talking about envisions, the company delivers everything starting from astrological and vastuinformation online to that of the Pandit Services. Additionally, the start-up agency from Ranchi speaks of distributing their productsacross the states after an online order is placed. The central warehouse is located at Ranchi base only.

Online services proved highly convenient to the urban lads. Urban couples are too busy with the flowing career and educational lines that they are not too aware of the customary affairs associated in a puja.Helping them arrange with the Puja Samagris,in an organised manner is what the hybrid start-up agency work for. With details of the pandit,the service mentions categorically and all eviates people in seeking their blessings for completing the puja.

Getting an Intentional Edge:

Commendable it has been for PujaShoppe in participating at the 2015’s MAPIC, reckoned as the International Retail Property Trade Show.Indian Government at the Cannes festival in France selected them as the one of the promising start-up company based on the parameters of the hybrid model. The last eight months has been living in cloud nine for PujaShoppe. One can also avail divine gifts and corporate gifts online at affordable prices.

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