Prasad Offered To the Lord on the Janmastami Puja

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Janmastami, being one of the most vital festivals of the Hindus is celebrated with great grandeur by all devotees across the nation. With several online portals helping you get hold of ritualistic essentials like a Bal Gopal Murti online people get an added convenience of not having to go out for buying the require items. But keeping all this aside, the bhog and the prasad definitely forms one of the most vital part of it all.

Common items that comprise the Janmastami Bhog

Kheer – One of the prominent sweets that is prepared as a prasad for the Maha Janmastami Puja is the kheer. Made out of pure milk this is one delicacy that has been a part of most puja prasads since times immemorial. Kheer is primarily prepared with condensed milk along with rice, which makes it both a tasty as well as easy to make recipe for the bhog.

Gopalkala – Prepared mainly from beaten rice, this is a salty recipe that forms a part of the prasad that is served during the puja to the Lord. The dish is basically a combination of rice, ghee, curd and cucumber as a whole. The entire preparation takes about just a few minutes and is prepared in almost all Hindu households on Janmastami.

Shrikhand – ‘Golden Yoghurt’ as it is commonly known owing to the rich colour that it emanates, is one of the mouth-watering delicacies that are a part of the Janmastami Prasad. Shrikhand is prepared by the usage of plain yoghurt along with the addition of nutmeg, sugar, cardamom and saffron.

Kalakand – Prepared from milk and sugar a kalakand is a very common sweet that is offered as a part of the prasad on Janmastami. The dish takes a very less amount of time to prepare and follows a very simple recipe for the same. The prime reason to get dairy products prepared is that Shri Krishna was known to love dairy products.

Flours incorporated during the fasting session

Beginning right from the fasting session, there are certain restrictions when it comes to the grains and the flour that can be consumed by people observing the rituals. Some of the most commonly incorporated flours are:

  • Water chestnut flour commonly known as the singhare ka atta.
  • Amaranth or the rajgira flour.
  • Arrowroot flour.
  • Flour prepared from barnyard millet also known as sama chawal.

The puja Sringar accessories online stores enable to you to order the required puja items and get it delivered right at your doorstep that does leave you with sufficient time to concentrate on the preparation of the bhog. Janmastami is all about the divine rituals and the excitement revolving around preparing delicacies for the puja. The birth anniversary of Lord Krishna does add on to the happiness.

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