Procedure and Auspicious Time of Raksha Bandhan Puja 2016


Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion celebrated affectionately across the country. On this day, sister ties a Rakhi on the wrist of the brother and in return, sister is bestowed with gifts, sweets and money from her brother. But did you know that Raksha Bandhan is not just associated with brother and sister relationship? Raksha Bandhan puja is a noteworthy custom which is also performed to remove all sorts of negativity and lows from your life. You can eliminate all sorts of bad omens and ailments on this day by performing apposite puja on this day.

It is believed that Sanchi, the wife of God Indra created this Raksha to guard her husband against the enemies in the war. This led to the origination of Raksha Bandhan and puja is performed to attain health, wealth, grandsons, comfort and victory. This complete procedure of puja has been described in Vratraj. Offer your devotion to Raksha this Shravana Purnima and stay happy throughout the year. It is also believed that making propitious symbols outdoor on this day brings prosperity in your life. You can either use mud or cow dung water to make this symbol.

Procedure of Puja

  • You should start your day with a bath (before sunrise, Pratahkal).
  • Pray to your ancestors by performing Deva and Pitra Tarpan.
  • The primary puja of Raksha Bandhan should only be done during Aparahna time.
  • Tie Raksha Bandhan to the wrist in the form of Raksha bundle or Raksha Potli.
  • This Raksha potli should consist of gold thread, white mustard, and unbroken ice.
  • Raksha Potli should be kept on a clean cloth and should be laced with colored fabric made of woven or cotton.
  • You can add Ghatasthapana in this puja.
  • Offer clothes and sweets to Bhudeva.
  • After offering clothes to Bhudeva, pray to Raksha and fasten Raksha potli to the wrist. When fastening potli, recite this mantra.


If you wear Janeu, then you should offer your praying to Janeu along with this puja only.

This puja is also encompassed with sister tying Rakhi thread on the wrist of brother and brother promising to protect her. This ritual is associated with the event when Draupadi tore a piece of her saree and tied it to the wrist of Krishna Ji when he had hurt his hand. Krishna promised to protect her and indeed kept his promise on many occasions.

Procedure of tying Rakhi

  • Tilak is applied on the forehead of the brother by the sister.
  • Sister ties Rakhi on the hand of his brother.
  • A coconut is given to the brother.
  • Brother gives a gift to sister according to her choice.
  • If her brother is married, then sister applied tilak to bhabhi as well.
  • She later ties the Lumba on her left hand.
  • Sister offers some sweets and gut to Bhabhi. Bhabhi also gives Pagalagai to the sister.
  • After this, sister applies tilak the nephews and nieces.

Aparahan Time, Raksha Bandhan Muhurat = 13:42 to 14:56

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