The Vivacious Celebrations of Moatsu Festival in India

Moatsu Festival

One of the most famous harvest festivals in India is the Moatsu festival. It is a very fun festival and we will learn more about it on this blog.

Moatsu festival is a very famous festival in the Northern Parts of India mainly Nagaland. This is a huge festival for them and everyone comes together to dance and sing around in perky tunes. Everyone at this eats food from one plate together and worships God with puja items online.

Everyone celebrates the presence of almighty and also reckons his blessings in the form of good harvest crops. This is a tribal festival and everyone is aware of how fun these festivals are. It is also mainly the festival of the Ao tribe. They commemorate the occasion after sowing seeds in the ground. Everyone decorates their homes like a new bride and the entire community comes together to mark the celebrations. Every year, the occasion begins on 1st May and continues for a whole week. It is a seven-day long festival and includes bonfires, traditional music, and dance, etc. Sangpantu or the ceremony of setting up the bonfire is also mandatory. The main foods of the festival are rice-beer and freshly cooked food. You can get online puja samagri from the puja items store online in Delhi.

The Rituals of the Festival:-

  • People believe that in ancient times the events of the festival included a competition to make the finest rice-beer from scratch and raise healthy cows and pigs to slaughter them later. But, now the festivals are all about adorning in traditional garments that the women weave at home. 
  • Men and women come together to drink, eat, dance, sing, and write warrior anthems. They praise a lover and encourage the youth to be bold and brave. 
  • The villagers also instil the motto of protecting their community from enemies in the mind of young people.
  • Head-hunting was a crucial tradition in ancient ages.
  • Sangpantu is the main symbol of this festival. It is a big bonfire setup and everyone sits around it to proclaim the occasion. Women serve the best rice-beer and wine, meat, and join in the happiness. 
  • Honourable men predict the forest as they have a strong connection with God and pays tribute with pooja kits. They predict about the upcoming future.
  • A Pre-celebration Tsüngrem Mong happens before the main celebration but in some cases, they celebrate it after the Moatsu in August.
  • The gate or entrance (Süngküm ) to the village is locked before the celebrations and only natives can enter for free.
  • Everyone shows their greatness to almighty by singing and dancing in colourful, bright costumes. They offer the best quality pooja things so that he blesses him with a good harvest.
  • This festival helps the blooming generation to develop their intelligence and improve physical power.
  • Young men narrate lively stories to the elder in order to make them laugh and jump in happiness.
  • A tug of war between the men’s team and women’s team marks the ending of the celebrations. Also, some people believe that men lose to please their partners.

These are everything you need to know about the fun celebrations of the Moatsu festivals. You can also get everything from the puja samagri store in India- PujaShoppe at amazing prices. Check out their website for more details. 

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