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What do we think of, when we speak about someone being religious? A human being paying respect to the divinity, pleasing Him with various religious rituals, mantras, or by adoptinga certain code of conduct, or everything in a combined way, etc. These are generally the features which we associate with a religious person. People purchase various Pooja Samagris online and offline to perform a Puja. But sometimes they fail to understand the significance of each and every item, used for worshipping.

Pooja Samagris Online

Religion & Puja 

Religion, in general sense, is the ultimate belief in a school of thought regarding Supernatural Power and worshipping rituals and moral codes prescribed in scriptures. A Puja or worship is the devotion shown to god, in return of His gratefulness of creating Life and in plea of giving an impetus, to take it forward. This puja or rituals is undoubtedly an important part of a religion. What is forgotten in the process of following the observances and the rules, are the other aspects.

Religion & Humanism

A certain way of life is also prescribed by various religions, which is very much related to humanism. This is mainly justifying the creation and life, giving meaning to it, through activities for self and others. Human beings should thrive to remove weaknesses, utilise the strengths to maximum, assistothers to one’s capacity and overcome struggles in achieving apurpose. This is important since every Human is created by the divinity and serving him is equal to serving the Superior.

The Art of Living

Founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living, focuses on humanitarian aspect of life, while propounding the quintessence of divine intervention. The NGO has various institutional courses related to stress management and is part of many philanthropic programs. The organisation emphasises on meditation, hymns and Guru Puja, as well as, showing devotion to God, to follow the path of gratitude and get blessed.

The Divine Worship

Puja Shoppe is an online shop for various Puja needs for showing such gratefulness to the divinity, in a materialistic way. Availing Divine Gifts, Pooja Samagris and Pooja Kits online is possible through this e-commerce venture. The various articles that depict the essence of spirituality, like the Puja Samagris, mystical Yantras, the auspicious decorative idols, are offered on the website and at reasonable prices.

The Unification:

The World Culture Festival 2016 is a special and an enormous initiative by the Art of Living, to unify humans, across the globe, as a family through a celebration. Puja Shoppe has partnered with this global name, as a lead sponsor in this great fest, to pay an ode to this spirit of spiritual humanity.


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