Rakhsha Bandhan – An Auspicious Bond of Love, Affection and Lifelong Protection


Raksha Bandhan, otherwise known as Rakhi is one of the most widespread festivals in the Indian subcontinent and is celebrated in almost all Indian households across the country. The religious significance of Rakhi is drawn from the auspicious thread, known as Rakhi, which is tied. This thread is said to be a mode of protection for the individual who wears it. The recent technological advancements have enabled people to go online and buy rakhi online for their beloved family members at just the right prices. The customs pertaining to Rakhi does vary from region to region, however, you get to see one thing in common and that is the astounding fervour of the festival.

Origin of the ritual and its importance

The origin of Rakhi dates back to the pre-historic age, when the Brahmins celebrated the auspicious ceremony of changing the sacred thread on the day of Shravana Purnima. Known as Upakarma, this Vedic ritual has a deep connection with age old legends related to Goddess Indrani. The legend basically narrates the spirituals and the scared power of the thread that was tied by Goddess Indrani on the hand of Lord Indra which resulted in his tremendous victory.

The rituals carried out on the occasion

The full moon day in the Shravana month of the Hindu Lunar Calendar, known as the Shravana Purnima is the day on which the rituals for the rakhi is generally carried out. Being the fifth lunar month, it is considered to be very significant for Shiva Pujas as well as Gauri Puja.

The rituals for the Rakhi are generally carried out amidst the chanting of the following mantra lines:

” सूरज शखं छोड़िआं , मूली छोड़िए बीज
बेहेन ने राखी बंधी, भाई तू चिर जुग जी “

After the necessary rituals are done, the sister ties the auspicious thread of protection or the Rakhi on the wrist of her brother with the following mantras:

” एन बद्धो बली राजा दानवेन्द्रो महाबलः
तेना त्वाम अनुबध्नामि रक्षे माँ चला माँ चला “

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