Raksha Bandhan – A Festival Celebrating the Brother-Sister Bond

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The significance of the Raksha Bandhan festival is different in various states, a day which celebrates the auspicious bond between a brother and the sister after buying fancy rakhi puja kits from the puja stores online. Read to know more.

A popular festival with in the Hindu culture, the occasion of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the heartfelt and auspicious bond between a brother and a sister. The occasion falls every year in the holy month of Shravana and has a lot of sentiments associated with it. This festival is celebrated in different ways with pooja things across the states, most prominently in the parts of Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and others.

On this day, the sister ties a rakhi on the wrists of her brother. The brother promises to take care and render protection to his beloved little sister. The Brothers take this promise in the form of an oath to help their sister in all times of hard trouble. The festival- an event of love and trust is filled with important rituals done with fancy rakhi puja kits, making a day full of memories worth remembering.

Raksha Bandhan is that enjoyable and propitious day in the lives of all when you take a halt from your everyday routine of work and acknowledge the blessings and the gift of their brothers and sisters. Every family member take the endeavour of putting on their best conduct and contributes in plenty to make the day a special one, after buying from the puja items online stores. In this way, the entire occasion of Raksha bandhan is celebrated in the success of an amazing sister-brother relationship.

The Significance of the Rakhi:-

The significance of the Rakhi thread is very pious. Its sacred status connotes a beaded thread, whose importance is accelerated with a ‘tilak’ which the sisters apply on the forehead of their brothers. Sweets are exchanged as a token of love after doing puja shopping online.

Spiritual Significance:-

The festival of Raksha Bandhan has a much deeper spiritual and divine significance. Human beings, as souls are the beloved children of the Supreme and Godly Soul who is also known as the Spiritual Father. It portrays the pure, unadulterated and viceless love between the sister and brother. The tilak which is applied is also very symbolic. It is means of awareness, also known as ‘soul consciousness’. It is the epitome of realization of one’s soul, the divine energy of light and not the physical body. It is also a means of being victorious- a triumph over man’s vices like lust, greed, ego and others.

Tying a Rakhi is similar to a bond of chastity in thought- complete purity in thinking, deed and word. Only by re-affirming and staying committed to this soul consciousness, you can bring peace, happiness and prosperity to the World and buy pooja items online in India.

How is Rakhi Celebrated?

You should start preparing for this festival and buy pooja samagri online many days before. About a month before this festival, you can see that colouful and bright rakhis are being sold everywhere, in every shop in the market. You should shop for new, fresh clothes and also buy various gifts from puja stores online.

On the day of the festival, the holy festivities begin by daybreak. All the children take a bath early in the morning, wear the bright, new clothes and gather for worshipping with puja kits for rakhi puja. After you have invoked the blessings of the God, the sister will perform the Aarti with samagris of puja, put a tika on the forehead of the brother and then tie the beautiful rakhi on his hands. Mantras are chanted and the sisters give sweets to their brothers as a sign of affection. In return, the brothers will always pamper their little sisters by presenting them with attractive gifts.

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