Right Way to Do the Laxmi Puja at Home With Pooja Samagri and Items


One can do the Laxmi puja at home with premium puja kits online bought with pooja samagri online shopping. Read this to know the right techniques.

Goddess Laxmi is one of the most revered deities of the Hindu tradition. She symbolizes good luck, wealth and prosperity, both material as well as spiritual. The word Laxmi has originated from the Sanskrit word Lakshya, which means goal, aim, or purpose. She is the popular household goddess in every Hindu home, worshipped daily with great devotion and sanctity. However, the festive month of October is a special day for her, when the devotees arrange for the puja with premium puja kit on the full moon day. You know it by the name of Amavasya or the dark fortnight of Ashwin. People reagard the day of Laxmi puja very auspicious since her worship bestows all with fortune and wealth. You can buy all the ingredients for puja from the puja store online.

Some people also know this by the name of Kojagari Purnima (the harvest festival) which marks the end of the monsoon season. Goddess Laxmi is the daughter of the mighty Goddess Durga and the wife of Lord Vishnu. So, you should arrange her puja is arranged with great vakti, with puja saman.

Puja Vidhi:-

  • To bring the idol of Laxmi at home, you have to clean your house as well as the surroundings. “Cleanliness is Godliness.” you can also sprinkle drops of the holy gangajal all around the house and in the room where you will place the idol. You can also use god photo frames of hers bought at affordable prices from the popular divine store such as “PujaShoppe.”
  • After this, you have to set up the altar, platform, or the mandir where you will place the Laxmi idol for worship with Indian Puja items. Spread a holy red cloth on the aasana, since everyone hails it auspicious. Then take a handful of grains and keep it right in the center.
  • You will now have to arrange, decorate, and place the Kalash in the middle of the red cloth. You have to fill it up with 3/4 th water, surround it with marigold flowers, one coin and some grains of rice on the top. Then, take five mango leaves and put it in a circle around the Kalash. You can also place a coconut on the rim. To do the puja of the Kalash with puja samagri, adorn it with kumkum.
  • Now the foremost step is to know the right technique of placing the deity of goddess Laxmi inside the mandir. You will have to make a small mountain of rice grains, draw the image of a lotus flower over it with the fingers and then place the idol or photo frame right in the center of the mountain. You can buy them alongside the other puja items online.
  • Now the puja of Lord Ganesha should done as a part of Hindu pooja ritual. Generally, his worship gets completed before any other puja with pooja things. His position inside the mandir should be on the southwest direction and the right side of the Kalash. You also have to adorn him with haldi and kumkum. Light a Diya or a lamp to create a beautiful ambiance.
  • Next place some academic books and financial books related to your business in order to earn the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and get wealth and prosperity. Chant the Laxmi mantra while offering flowers to the idol bought from pooja shop near me. You have to prepare a panchamrit by mixing milk, honey, sugar, ghee, thus forming a sweet liquid preparation. Lighting the incense sticks is also necessary to satisfy the lords.
  • The prasad offered can include Kaju Katlis, Pedhas, Motichoor Laddo or kheer. Putting a garland of flowers and cotton beads around the neck of the Goddess. Lastly, the religious aarti gets done with ingredients bought during pooja samagri online shopping.

Only after this detailed prayer, goddess Laxmi bestows all with blessings and good wishes. You can also seek forgiveness from her for all your wrongdoings. Always buy puja accessories online in India before you start the ritualistic puja at home.

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