Roles and Responsibilities of a Hindu Priest

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A Hindu priest is also known as ‘Purohit’ or ‘Pandit’ has many responsibilities whenever they are responsible for performing rituals, ceremonies and always follows the instructions of temple rituals. Thus it has become very common that during every puja a Pandit is been called to perform all the rituals. But sometimes it happens that for puja we might not find Pandit on time. In such case, one good option to choose for is to book a Pandit online.

There are many online puja sites from where one can easily fix a priest for the puja on the desired date. Not only that, they also guide you with much other information that can really help you. Sometimes it also happens that along with a Pandit you can also book puja online which means that you get all the puja samagri from that store. Also sometimes on a special occasion or during festivals these online puja shopping sites offer discounts which are worthy for people to grab it. Here are some roles and responsibilities of Pandits which one must know:-

  • Faith – Pandits are the most resourceful person when comes to spiritual knowledge. It is important that all the Pandits must be well versed with Sanskrit language and also read the Vedas well. He should also be able to recite the mantras which are in the Sanskrit language. The blessings from the priest are also considered to be sacred in many Hindu communities. The priests also spread the faith of Hinduism among many communities.
  • Rituals – Most of the Pandits performs puja every day or several times on one particular day. There are many rituals which get included in puja but all the pujas do not have same rituals. The priests knows very well that in what puja what rituals are performed. The priests when does pujas in the temples rings the temple bells and chants mantras to worship Gods.
  • Ceremonies that priests performs – It is said that all the auspicious ceremony rituals are performed by the priests such as weddings or thread ceremonies. This ceremony signifies the coming of a young Hindu man in the family. Apart from these specified ceremonies, there are other rituals which the priests performs all the year round.
  • Responsibilities in Temples– In temples you find many priests who every day offers worship to Gods and also it is the responsibility of the Pandits that they take care the temples and maintain them systematically. They look after the temple altar and also as they are very well educated so they also gave the responsibility to write the newsletters for the temple. Not only this, many priests also offer religious classes to the followers of Gods.
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