Rules to be Followed by the Hindus to Worship the Lord

puja gift itemsOnly buying puja samagris from the puja decoration items online store is not enough. One needs to know the rules to complete the pujas with perfection.

Achieving happiness, peace, and success is the sole purpose of worshipping the Gods and Goddesses. Since the ancient times, people are following innumerable rules and regulations to attain peace and prosperity in their life. It is true that worshipping the Lord with pure heart and mind fulfills every wish. But, it is also said that implementing some of the rules can make the prayer stronger, purer, and more productive. Only buying the puja samagris including the idols and frames of the Gods and Goddesses bought from the puja decoration items online store and placing them in the right places is not enough. The devotee needs to follow these rules to add effectiveness to the puja and worship.

Here are Some of those Rule:-

  • Worshipping the Panchdev is a must on all auspicious occasions. Lord Ganesha, Surya, Vishnu, Durga, and Shiva, all together is known as the Panchdev. Including their idols and frames in your home and your puja room and worshipping them everyday will help the devotee to get showers of blessings to achieve good health, peace, and prosperity. The blessing of the Lords will always be with the devotee.
  • Tulsi or what is popularly known as the basil leaves should never be offered to Lord Bhairava, Shiva, and Ganesha.
  • One should not offer water to Surya Devta from the shankh or the holy conch.
  • One should not touch the tulsi plant or pluck its leaves without taking a bath. Otherwise, the prayer will not be accepted if those leaves are offered to the Lord.
  • One should not keep the holy water of river Ganga in any iron, or plastic vessel. It is always best to keep the pure water in copper vessel.
  • It is believed that blowing shankh in any awkward situation can depart Goddess Lakshmi from your home.
  • The devotee should never face his or her back to the Lord.
  • One should never offer ketaki or screwpine flower to Lord Shiva.
  • While praying to any of the Gods and Goddesses, one should always be offer dakshina or donation.
  • One should not offer durva grass to any of the Gods and Goddesses on Sunday.
  • One should always offer lotus flower to Lakshmi Goddesses whenever the Goddess is worshipped.
  • Bael or the wood apple is considered as Lord Shiva’s favourite. It should be offered to the Shiva lingam after water is sprinkled.

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