Say a Lot with Symbolic Divine Gifts Online

When you are about to buy a gift for someone special, what is it that one thing that you want to imply? I bet it is the extent of your love for that person. Well, that is true for everyone else apart from you. However sacred gifts are more about enabling your beloved’s connection with divinity than about other things. Otherwise, why else on earth would one gift a Superior Puja Kit to a relative?

By buying a pure item of Puja necessity you may well convey that you want to make the prayers successful for a loved one. Having said, your intentions are evident, not only when you are gifting an item for direct use in a religious ritual. There are a lot more ways to show that you want the spiritual life of a person to improve or you want prosperity to be one’s best friend. We buy divine gifts online to get a greater access to assorted choices. The divine gifts are great means to express the dual intent of exchanging best wishes and inculcating the desire in someone to establish link with the Omnipresent.

The options related to the gifts of religious nature are numerous. However, I would like to present a few items of interest which are popularly bought as souvenir cum ‘a caller of good omen’, such as:

Feng Shui Crystal Ball


  • Feng Shui Crystal Ball: The crystal ball is one of the most mystically healing products of Feng Shui. It is said to have immense strength of attracting occult powers to restore body’s natural balance through its link to certain properties. Not only body, the ball also maintains calmness of your home through spread of positive energy around. There are five basic hanging ways to bring positive contemplation through crystal balls. The product’svisually transparent feature is imbibed in its spiritual quality too. It letsthe user see through his future, with utmost confidence without clouds of worries.

Antique Brass Sunmask Wall Hanging


  • Antique Brass Sunmask Wall Hanging: The Hindu religion establishes Sun as one of the most revered Gods, for his power of planting life on the earth. Apart from this, being the source of enormous energy, the influence of Sun is also associated with great confidence, generosity, brilliance and power. The greatest astronomical body of our celestial system is depicted in this sculpture. The courage and vitality is the main message which is put across through this wall hanging. It gives a great décor to the interiors. The brass piece is considered highly auspicious and is hung over the main doors generally to bring good fortune.

Ek Omkaar


  • Ek Omkar Figurine: The emblem represents the ‘Paramount Power’ and is referred to as “Ikk Oankar” by the Sikhs. The basic tenet of philosophy of Sikhismunites Gurudwaras around the world. It is mentioned as the opening phrase of the Mul Mantar of Guru Granth Sahib, composed by Guru Nanak. The Oankar is the primal melody, which is considered as the infinite sound of God. The symbol is a combination of two characters – “Ikk” or ‘one’ and “Oang” or the first letter of Oankar, together referring to the ‘One reality which sustains all’, i.e. the Divinity. People believe that life originates from this sound, gets preserved by it and eventually merges with it. The figurine can be kept at home or office to feel the divine energy of the sign.


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