How to Set up an Ideal Puja Mandir at Home

god idols for pooja roomWell-placed god idols for pooja room will always bring positive energy into your home. You can do this by following the correct rules and ideologies.

A pooja room is the most important part of a house. Without it, your house becomes incomplete. The perfect location for the pooja room is the northeast corner of your house. The North and east direction are not completely ideal, but the southern part of the house must be completely avoided for a pooja room.

When you place the idols or the religious photo frames of deities in your pooja room, make sure you keep them in the east and west, and not north and south. This is because one must face east or west while offering prayers to the Almighty Lord. Usually, it is said that the god idols for pooja rooms must not be over 3 inches. You must also avoid hanging the religious frames on the north or south wall.

Never keep idols facing each other in the pooja room. It is also prohibited to keep damaged or chipped idols in this pious place. Wooden and marble idols are perfect for pooja rooms because the chances of them getting damaged or broken are less compared to the idols made of other materials such as ceramic or glass.

You can place the idols and frames on a chowki or a platform. Always opt for white, cream or light blue for the colour of the walls for your pooja room. If you don’t have enough space for a pooja room, you can also create a makeshift pooja room on the kitchen platform, in the study room or in the children’s room. However, you must not make your mandir under the kitchen platform.

When the idol or a frame that is placed in the mandir is broken or damaged, you must not keep it anywhere else in the house. It must be either immersed in water or placed next to the Tulsi plant. The door of your mandir must always be a wooden door with two shutters. You must always place a Ganesha idol in your mandir. The perfect Ganesha idols for home are the crystal Ganesha or brass Ganesha. Also, you must never place 3 idols of Ganesha or 3 idols of goddesses or 2 Shivlings in your mandir as it is considered inauspicious.

The utensils that you keep in your mandir must be made of gold, silver or copper as these materials are considered pure. The lamps and the ghanta can be made of brass. The ideal material for a Kalash is copper. Before placing the coconut on the Kalash, a coin and an areca nut must be placed inside the Kalash.

It is said that placing a conch inside the mandir is considered favourable. You must also offer your prayers to the conch and the Kalash. When you are offering flowers or placing a garland on the idols, always make sure that you don’t cover the face. Also, when you remove the stale flowers from the mandir, clean the frames and idols with a clean cloth. If you have extra religious idols or frames in your mandir, you can donate them to a temple or immerse them in a river.

Idols for Pooja

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