Significance of Placing Swastika at your Home

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The Swastik is one of the essential sign of Hindu religion. There is no such celebration or puja which is completed without making the Swastik sign. The symbol is associated with welfare, good luck as well as auspiciousness. Generally, if anyone wishes to buy divine gifts online then the best option is to buy Swastik where the lord Ganesha is administered. According to Vedas and scriptures, mostly Lord Ganesha is projected in Swastik. The lord Ganesha is placed in the middle of the Swastik and also it is portrayed with four bindis that are put with vermillion.

Lord Ganesha is the God of success and good luck. It is very important that you place the swastika in the right place of your home. It is advisable to place the Swastik on the northeast side of the puja room in your house. Also, you can hang it on the entrance of your room. Moreover, it is also important that you choose to buy Ganesha with a trunk that is inclined to the left side. Many Vastu experts also advised keeping such Sawastiks so that the evil spirit can’t able to enter the house.

The word Swastik is mainly made of two words ‘Su’ and ‘Asti’ which means auspicious and to be respectively. The symbol of Swastik is not only famous in Indian culture but also possesses the same importance in other countries as well. People, when buy spiritual products online, keeps Swastik on their priority list because to get the right kind of Swastik online stores is the best place to dig in.

The Swastik sign includes four criss- crossed arms. The arms actually represent the four directions –north, south, east and west. Also, the four arms represent the basic desire in every human being that is – Dharma (order), Artha (money), Kama (lust) and Moksha (salvation). The interpretation is different in different place.

The Sign of Wealth and Prosperity

As already discussed the Swastik is the symbol of wealth, prosperity, and auspiciousness. It is also considered to be the symbol where Lord Ganesha stays. It has to be placed in such a place where the other deities reside.

Destroys Evilness

As the Swastik is the symbol of good –luck it is believed that keeping this in home destroys the negative energies surrounding us. Even the Vastu experts considered the same.

As a Symbol of Sun

Swastik sign is also associated with Sun. The right side of the Swastik sign symbolizes the revolution of the Sun that starts from North, turns to the east and then south and finally reaches the Southern direction. It is believed that due to Surya the life exists and because of that, the symbol has importance in our daily life. Not only during puja but also at the time of marriage the symbol is considered to be auspicious.

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