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Navratri is a festival of celebrating Hinduism or the Vedic festival. To me Navratri is a celebration of the arrival of a new soul. It is a festival to celebrate love and purification! People of all religions and nationalities come to India on Navaratri to experience this vivid festival. Busy people buy online puja thali to save their time. They also gift different kinds of surprise kits to add extra happiness at their Navaratri celebrations.

During Navratri, nine different forms of Devi Durga is worshiped. Each nine forms have different name and is known for their special powers. People buy diya online and from shops to lighten up their houses for celebrating Navaratri.

Relevance of Yagnas on the ocassion

The religious follower’s gain energy into their mind and heart by Yagna.

Yagnas are of three types:

  • “Yagna Draya” means to use 108 types of herbs, fruit and other essentials.
  • “Gyan Yagna” signifies the conversation of knowledge of mythology
  • “Japa Yagna” denotes for chanting the devotional mantras.

Mythology tells a story

Devi Katyayani destroyed the demon, Mahishasura. This is one of the most violent forms of the Devi Durga in which she reveals herself as a Warrior. According to mythology the universe became astounded with the evil deeds of the nasty demon Mahiṣāsura. His disturbing got into the nerves of the gods and finally they wanted Vishnu to help them out. So he, lord Shiva, Brahma and the other gods produced a flame from their eyes and created a mountain of blaze for Maa Durga. From that effulgence Kātyāyanī was formed. She was shining as the sun with three eyes, black hair and eighteen arms. To make Kātyāyanī power full many gods gave her their different powerful weapons, like lord Shiva gave her his trident, Vishnu gave her his Sudarshan Chakra, Varuna gave her his shankha, a conch-shell, Agni gave her an arrow, Vayu provided her with a bow, Surya gave a quiver full of arrows to her, Indra helped her with thunderbolt, Kuvera gave her a stick, Brahma gave her a religious rosary and a water-pot, Kala gave her a shield and sword and finally Visvakarma gave her a battle-axe and few other weapons. Devi Katyāyanī is seen as seated on her Lion who is conferring spiritual and factual results to her followers. She is the chief goddess of adoration in the land of Lord Krishna. She has a fair appearance with four hands.

Devotional Mantra of Devi Kātyāyanī:

“चन्द्रहासोज्ज्वलकरा शार्दूलवरवाहना।
कात्यायनी शुभं दध्यादेवी दानवघातिनी॥”

“candrahāsojjvalakarā śārdūlavaravāhanā |
kātyāyanī śubhaṁ dadhyādevī dānavaghātinī ||”

The mantra means:

  • candrahāsa – name of her sword
  • ujjvala – glowing
  • karā – in hand
  • śārdūla – best
  • vara – greatest
  • vāhanā – vehicle
  • kātyāyanī – mother kātyāyanī
  • śubhaṁ – promising
  • dadhyā – deliberate
  • devī – goddess
  • dānava – demons
  • ghātinī – the destroyer

Goddess Kātyāyanī is known for her stimulating look, powerful character and the one who is holding the luminescent sword and travels around on a Lion. Goddess Kātyāyanī is known to bring ecstasy and supremacy in everyone’s life.

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