Steps To Set Up An Incense Stick Business: Main Requisites

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Agarbatti or incense sticks making business is though termed as a small scale business idea but the profit margins are quite high. Want to know more? Keep reading the blog.

Among all other puja kits bought for various religious festivals, the one item that will always be a constant is agarbatti or incense sticks. Puja samagri online shopping is incomplete without purchasing superior quality incense sticks that are available in various sizes and fragrances. 

For Hindus, lighting an agarbatti has symbolic importance and it has always been an important part of the tradition. Awakening the Gods and Goddesses forms the very basis of beginning the worshipping. This is where agarbattis, puja kits, and puja thali items are important. 

1. A Brief About Different Types of Agarbatti Fragrances:-

  • Amber: The blend of resins, musk, and flowers are characteristic of amber incense sticks. It helps to wake you up from slumber to carry on your life’s purpose. 
  • Rose: Rose incense sticks are great for meditation, yoga, and as a home fragrance. It nurtures a sense of self-love. 
  • Sandalwood: Sandalwood is a blissful scent that has the power to heal. Its mystical uses include purification, peace, and removing negativity. Hence it is the most popular among all others. 

2. Starting A New Business: Agarbattis And Incense Sticks:-

If you have been keen on starting an agarbatti business, it can prove to be a profitable venture as there is the endless scope and the market potential is huge. India is one of the top producers and suppliers of agarbatti all across the world. According to news, more than 100 countries use agarbattis for various purposes be it religious or meditational. When setting up a business you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Registration: Business registration of units with  ROC (Register Of Companies) is the first step towards setting up a new venture. Along with it, you will also need GST and trade license registration. 
  • Machinery and equipment: Depending on your capital and also, space, you need to source the right machinery essential for making agarbattis.  
  • Manufacturing space: Select the right space for starting your new project such that it does not affect people living in residential areas. Pollution certificate, factory license, and NOC are mandatory if your venture is a big one. 
  • Raw materials: Arranging all the key ingredients is another important step that you should not compromise with. You will need bamboo sticks, wood incense powder, charcoal powder, packaging materials, essential oils, etc. 

If you do not want to start from scratch, we will advise you to think about incense store franchises. This will not be a risky venture, instead, you can gain a lot with minimum investment. Start an agarbatti store franchise in association with PujaShoppe.  They have a wide range of products that have become a favorite among all. With a franchise business, also, you can flourish well without much headache and more ease of business.

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