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Know About the Famous Dahi Handi Festival This Janmashtami

Dahi Handi- pujashoppe

Showering your loved ones with divine gift items on Janmashtami is a common practice. So, indulge in buying puja samagri online & gift them to your near and dear ones.

The eight-day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada marks the birth of Lord Krishna. This glorious day is of the high regard in the Vaishnavism tradition of the Hindu culture. Extensive pujas along with singing spiritual hymns in praise of the lord form an important ritual of this festival. For all your spiritual needs you can buy an online puja samagri, bal Gopal gold wall frame, bal Gopal wall hanging frames online, and puja kit at an affordable price. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Janmashtami: Birthday of Krishna

Janmashtami- pujashoppe

Janmashtami is around the corner and preparations are going on in full swing. Let us know more about this festival on this blog. You can also book a pandit for Puja in Delhi online.

The birthday of Krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami. People also call it Krishnashtami. Krishna is the eighth manifestations of Lord Vishnu who took the human form to end suffering on earth. He took birth in Shravan month on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha. His main aim was to eliminate King Kangsha who made the life of people in his kingdom a living hell. This year, Janmashtami falls on August 11. Many Devotees celebrate Janmashtami every year in a very grand manner and invite a lot of people to take part in the festivities. This year things are a little different and due to the current ongoing pandemic, we cannot invite people over. But, the show must go on and we still need to do the rituals. This is why you can book a pandit for Puja online in Delhi and carry on with the festivities. Let us know more about Janmashtami. 

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Krishna: The Innocent Reincarnation of Lord Vishnu


We all know about Lord Krishna and his shenanigans. In this blog, we will learn a little bit more about everyone’s favorite Krishna. Read on for more information.

The last and everyone’s favorite manifestation of Lord Vishnu as Krishna. It took Seven hundred shlokas present in eighteen different chapters somewhere amidst the war of Kurukshetra and a thousand other ways to define his doings and deeds in this world. It is still not enough for us to know about everything he did within the limited years we have on earth. He came to this world during the resolution of Dwapara yuga. This is when people lost all their vision of righteousness and truth and flowed in the net of Maya which means lust, greed, and other desires which were materialistic. Another term to describe this is “Adharma”. The majority of the population was entangling themselves in Adharma towards the end of that era. It was hard to even for the seekers of truth to resist this mayajaal. The universe was no longer balanced.  The trident saw this and was working behind restoring it. 

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