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Significance of Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja

Significance of Vasant Panchmi or Sarwasti Puja One may call it differently, in several parts of this mystical country but mostly “Vasant Panchami” what this festival is better known as. All ocassion, one needs to collect puja samagri. In many parts, it is also celebrate as ‘Basant festivals of Kites”. Sikhs in Gurdwaras celebrate Vasant Panchami as “Sikh Festival”. Whereas in the state of Bihar, this day is dedicated to all the farmers, popularly known as ‘Harvest Festival’, Some of the other parts in India, it is the anniversary of “Deo-Sun God’. The occasion is the same, it is just that it is celebrated with different rituals and different customs. This shows that people always have a different way to celebrate an occasion but the essence remains the same everywhere. In wide parts of Bengal, this day is particularly special for Bengalis because it’s the day when Saraswati Puja is commenced with great pomp and Glitter. Continue reading Significance of Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja

Here is the Entire Vidhi of Satyanarayan Puja

divine gifts onlineIt is not possible to complete any puja without a pandit. A pandit makes the list of items needed for the puja. You can now buy puja accessories online.

Satyanarayan puja is all about worshipping the Lord of truth. Satyanarayan puja is performed for getting blessed with happiness, good fortunes, and well being. Satyanarayan puja is also perfoemd for growth in career, and also during the social functions like weddings, housewarming ceremony, and also when a child is named. In order to complete the puja with perfection, different pious samagris are needed. You can get the list from the pandit who will perform the puja and then buy puja accessories online from your home.

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Unique Ideas to Buy Divine Gifts for Employees

Divine Gifts Online

As the New Year is about to come every corporate establishment is thinking to give their employees some unique gift as a token of wishes for the New Year. Not only the corporate offices but also your loved ones will definitely gift you something that will surely put a smile on the face. Gifts not only makes someone happy, but also establish a strong relationship between two people. Corporate Gift Stores Online could be a single step endpoint where one can get multiple ideas for choosing unique gifts. Continue reading Unique Ideas to Buy Divine Gifts for Employees

Chandraghanta – The Deity with A Crescent Moon on Her Forehead

divine gifts onlineWith the auspicious Navaratri on a roll, the fourth day of the majestic occasion is celebrated as a tribute and a means to pay our divine homage to the third form of Shakti, Chandraghanta. The Navaratri is a puja that spans over a time span of nine days and is devoted to the worship of the nine auspicious form of the deity, also known as the forms of divine Shakti. Given the fact that the Indian masses are more than just inclined towards religious rituals, getting a puja performed back at your home has become all the more easier. Technological advancements have contributed a great deal to this. Several web portals from all the nations have made it an easy task for devotees to buy puja samagri online and avail all the necessary kits and accessories that are needed to get the rituals performed. Continue reading Chandraghanta – The Deity with A Crescent Moon on Her Forehead

Eco-Friendly Ganeshas Are In This Ganesh Chaturthi 2016


With Ganesh Chaturthi just round the corner, Ganesh idols are in great demand. Adding on to the attraction is the advent of the new eco-friendly Ganesha that has come up in the market. This stands out as a small step towards proving the fact that eco-awareness is not just confined within the textbooks and the walls of your school. Online portals have made it quite convenient for the common masses to purchase divine gifts online at the best prices from portals like Pujashoppe that allows you to select from a wide range of collection. Continue reading Eco-Friendly Ganeshas Are In This Ganesh Chaturthi 2016