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The Significance of Last Day of Navratri

Navratri festival brings with it the feeling of joy and happiness all around. It lasts for nine days, and the ninth day is all about marking the blissful presence of Goddess Siddhidatri.

Marking the end of nine days of Navratri festival, the day is popular as Mahanavami. On this day, various form of Goddess Durga is blissfully worshiped.

On the ninth and the last day of Navratri, devotees arrange a grand Havan to mark the occasion. For this you will need navratri puja kits. Such kits are easily available at www.pujashoppe.com to offer you a hassle free havan and puja thereafter.

The tradition of performing havan is done to remove the negative energies from the home. It is also performed to get the divine blessings of Goddess Durga and her nine manifestations.

The end of the festival is usually an emotional day for devotes as it means back to the normal life.

Chanting mantra during the worshiping process on this day is of great significance.

Performing navratri puja on the last day with proper durga puja kits is really important. Pujashoppe understands the significance of taking up the puja successfully; therefore you can easily buy navratri puja kits online with us.

Offering prayer during navratri is very important. You can buy devi puja kits online and perform your prayers accordingly. Shop at pujashoppe.com online and we make sure your prayers will be performed hassle-free and completely.

Now-a-days, puja kits online are available at our website at impressive discounts and offers. So, look nothing beyond us and take up this grand celebration with a complete ease.

Talking about the ninth day of navratri, this day fills the hearts of devotees with spiritual thoughts and new beginnings. While celebrating the glory and grace of Goddess Siddhidatri, you can bring about a complete changeover to your lives.

Goddess Siddidatri is known as the guiding light in tough times. So, worship her with full devotion and lead yourself towards the path of happiness and peace.

Celebrating the last day of navratri is the pure idea of giving. So, it is very important to invite young girls and Brahmins to your house to offer Prasad. Generally, the Prasad includes puri, channa and halwa.

The significance of inviting young girls is that they are considered the reincarnation of Maa Durga herself.

Perform these rituals with full devotion and heart and bless your home with a new ray of positivity and happiness!

Kalaratri – The Slayer of the Malicious Raktbeej

Navratri puja kit

The Saptami Tithi of the Ashwin Maas is when Devi Kalaratri is worshipped. Devi Kalaratri is 7th form of Shakti that is worshipped on the seventh day of Navaratri by ardent devotees. The Navaratri Puja requires the manifestation of a number of essential accessories that might be required for the purpose. In other cases you can easily buy Navratri puja Kit online that are made available in the market to help you get things done with accuracy in your busy schedule. Continue reading Kalaratri – The Slayer of the Malicious Raktbeej

Devi Kushmanda – The Unassailable Creator of the Universe

Navratri puja kit

Devi Kushmanda is the fourth form of Navadurga. She is worshipped on the fourth day during Navratri. ‘Kushmanda’ can be parted as ‘Ku’ means a little; ‘Ushma’ means ‘warmth’; and ‘Anda’ means ‘the cosmic egg’, together it is the fourth form of Goddesses Durga which is worshipped during Navratri. It is said that Kushmanda is the originator of this universe. She keeps everyone’s health well and bequeaths wealth and strength. She holds her weapons, glitter, rosary in her hands, and rides on a lion or tiger. She is also characterised with eight or ten hands. Continue reading Devi Kushmanda – The Unassailable Creator of the Universe

The Most Awaited Dawn of Summoning Divinity

Navratri puja kit

“Jago oooooo Tumi Jagoooo”

This is the song that wakes and makes the dawn of every Bengali on the day of Mahalaya. Mahalaya is the day when Devi Durga is believed to have descended on the earth to defeat all evil powers. All the Bengalis follow the ritual of listening Mahalaya at radio in the voice of very famous Sri. Birendra Krishna Bhadra who narrates the full story of Mahalaya by his thrilling voice. Without listening to this song, every Mahalaya is incomplete for the Bengalis. Continue reading The Most Awaited Dawn of Summoning Divinity