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How to prepare Kalash for puja?

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Kalash is a pot to carry water and is of great significance in Hinduism, especially in South India. It depicts various forms of Goddesses in most pujas. Silver or brass Kalash is normally used for many pujas. Many pujas are of no value if Kalash is not counted in and is deemed as indispensable element. Kalash is one of the major components of online divine gifts and sought for its propitious characteristics. Continue reading How to prepare Kalash for puja?

Govardhan Puja – Showing Gratitude of the Legendary Hillock


Commonly known as the “Varshapratipada” or “Padwa”, the fourth day of the Diwali revel is when the Govardhan Puja is carried out. Celebrated in several states all across the Indian subcontinent, the puja has legends that date back to the days of Lord Krishna’s childhood. Devotees perform the puja with great zeal. People who do not get sufficient time to purchase gifts and other accessories, often get hold of online divine gifts to give out to their families and loved one. Continue reading Govardhan Puja – Showing Gratitude of the Legendary Hillock

Instil the Tenets of Peacefulness in Your Life on Buddha Purnima

Buddha Idols

There were many sages who came, preached about the need and path to be followed for harmony and got their teachings imprinted in the pages of history, after their decease. Many had their followers then and have a huge following till now that worship them as their divinity. Among this league of monks, arose a legendary figure in form of Buddha, who redefined the essence of life and the way of annihilation of sufferings. We find Buddha Idols ubiquitously and that speaks of the number of believers in the ascetic’s principles and the respect, he is looked upon with. The historical character has achieved this reverence, not only through his sermons, but the struggle that he went through for gaining the eternal knowledge.

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Colour Your Loved Ones with Divine Auspiciousness on Holi

Holi is round the corner and you must be waiting to unite with many relatives and friends, whom you missed during the busy schedule. There is a lot of ways that people convey their regards and adulation to the people whom they value. The online divine gifts collections offer a range of items which when given as gifts, would be treasured by the one who receives.

What Makes Holi SpecialThe ecstatic atmosphere created during Holi also binds people. It is an occasion, when even rivals connect with each other. The employees in corporate houses and members of a family take this occasion to colour each other, either as a ritual formality or out of love and mischief. Whatever be the intention, the tradition brings people close and sometimes removes the malice and unfriendliness successfully.

The festival is also marked as the defeat of the wrong. It is, therefore not a vague celebration but a joy of prevalence of Right. Certainly, such a special event calls for presenting a souvenir, to imbibe the spirit of the festival into one’s life.

Which Are the Ideifts Religion is something, which form the background of the origin of this festival. Therefore religious articles would be the best choices.

There are many items which can be gifted to the ones you desire to make happy, some of these online divine items are:

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