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Know the Essential Things to Include In Your Puja Thali

silver puja thalisIn Hindu Dharma, there are many ways to worship the divine God. If we consider one such path then ritualistic worship (Kamakanda), a Path of Devotion (Bhaktimarg) is one of that path. But if anyone follows the path of Kamakanda then the person has to maintain the spiritual significance attached to it. The main essential Puja Thali that is important for every Hindu puja is consists of a big tray where all the elements of the Puja are placed and properly decorated. In Hindu religion, festivals, any traditions or in any rituals puja thali is considered to be a very important thing. Puja Thali generally available of different metals and you can also decorate your puja thali in the way you like. Continue reading Know the Essential Things to Include In Your Puja Thali

Customaries of Saraswati Puja that Cease to Fade

buy puja kits onlineVasant Panchami is a widely celebrated puja in several parts of the Indian subcontinent. People celebrate it with great fervour while keeping the age old rituals of the same quite intact. It happens to be a celebration of togetherness, love as well as the onset of education in many infant lives.

Rituals and the ways in which they are performed do change with time. However, there are some that actually do not change and remain as deep rooted as ever in the culture. Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja is a celebration that has been carried quite religiously in the Hindu culture. Speaking of this, kite flying and the relationship with the colour yellow is something that seems to stay quite intact through time. You can now buy puja kits online that happens to be a facility not made available earlier. Continue reading Customaries of Saraswati Puja that Cease to Fade

Buy Puja Thalis at the Best Prices This Kurma Jayanti

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Talking of pujas there are some that are celebrated with much merry making while some that are celebrated at a much grounded note. Kurma Jayanti is one fiesta that is carried out in a quieter note by a certain section of the Hindu masses. Commoners Buy Puja Thalis as per their preferences and make offerings to Lord Vishnu all through the day.
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Celebrating the Parasuram Dwadasi Whole-Heartedly

Parasuram Dwadasi

Just after the day of Mohini Ekadashi, follows the observation of Parasuram Dwadasi Vrat across Hindus of the world. However, devotees who celebrate the Mohini Ekadasi tend to exempt this Vrat, sometimes falling on the same day according to the Tithi and Nakshatra prescribed on the texts. Is there any reason behind such indifference in the attitude or is it for the time and effort required in doing the fast?

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Ekadashi Vrat – An Alternative Pathway to Spiritual Contentment

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Abstinence as they say is advancement to spirituality. It is one of the virtues that are prescribed through the religious tenets of almost all faiths in some way or the other. Though there are various ways of exercising this virtue, the most common mode applied in the religious practise is abstinence from food. There are many festivities linked with Puja that require the worshipper to refrain from food partially or completely till the completion of rituals. In Hinduism, there are quite a lot of occasions that demand such an act. Ekadashi, an occasion that arrives two times in a month, is a peculiar day that is significant only because of the Upavasa or Vrat that is observed on this day. The Puja to be performed on this day can performed buying materials from an online Puja items shop.

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