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Krishna: The Innocent Reincarnation of Lord Vishnu


We all know about Lord Krishna and his shenanigans. In this blog, we will learn a little bit more about everyone’s favorite Krishna. Read on for more information.

The last and everyone’s favorite manifestation of Lord Vishnu as Krishna. It took Seven hundred shlokas present in eighteen different chapters somewhere amidst the war of Kurukshetra and a thousand other ways to define his doings and deeds in this world. It is still not enough for us to know about everything he did within the limited years we have on earth. He came to this world during the resolution of Dwapara yuga. This is when people lost all their vision of righteousness and truth and flowed in the net of Maya which means lust, greed, and other desires which were materialistic. Another term to describe this is “Adharma”. The majority of the population was entangling themselves in Adharma towards the end of that era. It was hard to even for the seekers of truth to resist this mayajaal. The universe was no longer balanced.  The trident saw this and was working behind restoring it. 

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Book Qualified & Knowledgeable Pandits for Griha Pravesh Puja Now

Griha Pravesh Puja - pujashoppe

If you are changing the property, you need to select the correct date to bring harmony to your new home. Now easily book a pandit online for performing Griha Pravesh.

Have you recently bought a home? Do you plan to step into your new home soon? If your answer is yes, then we are sure you want to perform “Griha Pravesh”  before entering. And for this ritual to be a success you will need the best puja samagri and a knowledgeable pandit for Griha Pravesh Puja in Delhi.

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How COVID19 Will Impact Franchise Business Standards?

puja items franchise- pujashoppe

With the outbreak of covid19, businesses including franchises of puja store businesses are facing major challenges and there are more to come. Read this blog to know more.

We can all agree on the fact that things have changed drastically over the last few months. There has been a dramatic turn of events from which we won’t be able to recover so early. The ways of being normal are not the same anymore and the new normal is wearing masks, social distancing, staying at home, working from home, virtual gathering, and so on. The onset of this whole thing took a turn in every sector including franchise business. There are many challenges that a franchisee business will face, let it be a puja store business, or something else. Keep reading for more information. 

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Know About the Story and Strength of Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa carries great importance in the life of his devotees. Let us know about the history behind this Hanuman Chalisa in this blog.

Everyone is aware of the power and effect that each word carries in the auspicious Hanuman Chalisa. Forty verses appraise Lord Hanuman. The very famous Tulsidas who was the author of “Ramcharitmanas” was the creator of the Hanuman Chalisa as well. Besides being a symbol of strength it has several other significant instances. Hanuman Chalisa also highlights death rituals as well. Many devotees worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays with the Indian puja saman. 

To worship lord hanuman you need to get Hanuman idol online. The devotee should also buy Hanuman Chalisa Yantra online and wear it during the time of worship as well. The Hanuman Chalisa carries great importance in the lives of his devotees and they memorise them by heart. Let us know more about this auspicious book.

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How to Celebrate the Festival of Baisakhi During Lockdown?


Baisakhi is almost around the corner but with the lockdown period, it is impossible to celebrate. Here’s how you can stay in and celebrate with puja kits.

India is a diverse land that consists of many religions and cultures. As a result, you will see people celebrating some kind of festival throughout the year. The celebrations never stop. But, the current situation of COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a standstill. People are not getting out of their home and maintaining social distancing. In this situation, it is impossible to get out and enjoy. However, the festival of Baisakhi is almost here and it is one of the largest festivals in India. Baisakhi is of great significance in the Sikhism religion as well as for farmers. Everyone immerses in the grand celebration of Baisakhi. People accumulate on roads and Gurudwaras to pay respect. But, this is a complete no-no in this crisis. So, how to celebrate Baisakhi this year? Well, worry not as you can have a mild celebration at your home with puja kits online. 

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The Celebrations and Significance’s of Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti is right around the corner. It is said that worshiping him with puja saman will enable an infinite path of success for his followers.

The birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman is known as Hanuman Jayanti. According to the Hindu Calendar, devotees celebrate it on the day of Chaitra Purnima. This year, the auspicious Hanuman Jayanti falls on 8th April, Wednesday.  Hanuman Ji is a universal God and people across the world worship him with devotion. No matter what your caste, creed or religion is- Hanuman Ji is for one and for all. You need to worship him with the right puja saman that you can get from a puja store online

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The Significances of Mahavir Swami Jayanti

Mahavir Swami Jayanti

Mahavir Swami Jayanti is around the corner and people celebrate it with different puja saman. Let us learn more about this festival.

India is a land of culture and heritage. The festivities here never ends. You will find people celebrating something or the other every day. One such occasion is Mahavir Jayanti. It is the birth anniversary of Lord Mahaveer. He was the 24th Tirthankara. Devotees also address him as Vardhamana. He was born in a royal family from Bihar around 6th century BC. He was very rich and born with all the luxuries one could imagine at that time. But, at the age of 30, he left everything behind and decided to become a monk. The spiritual life was calling him. He took the road to preach to humans and omniscience. Many people follow him until now. His devotees now spread his preachings across the entire world to make it a better space. At the age of 72 in Pawapuri he took his last breath. So, to honour him on the birth anniversary his devotees celebrate Mahavir Swami Jayanti with puja saman. Let us know more about him.

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The Magnificent Celebration of Chaitra Navratri in India

Chaitra Navratri

One of the most popular festivals across the country is the auspicious Chaitra Navratri. Read this blog to know more about this festival.

If the pandemic CoronaVirus did not put us in our homes then the whole country would have been preparing to celebrate the pious occasion of Chaitra Navaratri. While it is Gudi Padwa for Maharashtra it is Ugadi for South India and so on. Out of the four Navaratri in India Chaitra Navaratri is one of the major Navaratri.  The northern states especially welcome the new year with these nine days of celebration. Chaitra Navaratri is a huge occasion and people celebrate it with Navaratri puja kits.

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How to Put A Coconut on A Kalash During Chaitra Navaratri?

ghat sthapana

The procedure of Ghat Sthapana is done with puja samagri after doing puja shopping online. For more information, read this in detail.

Ghat Sthapana is the ritual of arranging a Kalash during any puja. The Kalash is a significant religious pot for every puja that we do with puja kits online. The Hindu culture hails the Kalash as a very pious object. It is a pot that carries the holy Gangajal water. Most pujas are of no value at all. You can either get silver or brass Kalash, and people buy it from puja items online stores. The entire procedure of decorating the Kalash happens during an auspicious time, according to the tithi. 

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The Divine Festival of Sheetala Ashtami- Basoda Festival


On the auspicious function of Sheetala Ashtami people also perform the Basoda Puja. It is a very popular Hindu festival. Read this to know more about it.

In the honour of Goddess Sheetala, her devotees observe the auspicious festival of Sheetala Ashtami. This is also the day when people celebrate the very famous Basoda Puja with Indian Puja Saman. Basoda is very popular and religious Hindu festival  According to the Hindu mythology and folklore, worshipping Godden Sheetala can bestow a lot of benefits especially to children. As per the calendar of Hindus, Sheetala Ashtami falls in the month of Chaitra. The devotees observe this festival on Krishna Paksha which is the eight-day or Ashtami. According to the Gregorian calendar, it usually falls on the month of March-April. 

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