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Performing the Auspicious Karwa Chauth Ritual with Puja Saman

Karwa Chauth

The Karwa Chauth festival is celebrated with pooja samagri and decorative thali online. To know more, read this article.

The occasion of Karwa Chauth is considered very significant within the Hindu culture. On this day, all the married women observe strict fasting from sunrise till the time of moonrise. The objective is to pray for the longevity of their husbands as well as their good health, prosperity, and well-being. Worshippers like them celebrate this day with puja saman that they buy from the pooja items store in India.
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Gains of Being A Franchise Partner of A Pooja Samagri Business

Franchisee pujashoppe

Franchise business is a popular form of business for all. It becomes especially advantageous to deal with pooja samagri as products. Here are the advantages.

Franchise form of business is perhaps the safest and most popular of all business types. Especially those who are new into business find it to be a very profitable business venture because the investment cost is much less than a start-up business and there is always a backing of a good brand name. One of the very popular and profitable franchise product is that of pooja samagri which is an everyday requirement of Indian life. These days franchise partnership has become much easier and profitable because of online access and purchasing puja items online is what people prefer now. So, what makes the pooja samagri a very profitable online venture? Continue reading Gains of Being A Franchise Partner of A Pooja Samagri Business

What Is the Spiritual Importance of Brass Items In Pujas?

Each one of the brass pooja items like Kalash, the puja thali, Diya or the lamp, and conch are spiritually important. Here’s all about these brass items.

The pooja items used for worshipping the Gods and Goddesses are the outstanding mediums that help in transporting shagun waves of the deities to the devotees. In this blog, the spiritual importance of some of the brass pooja items is explained. Continue reading What Is the Spiritual Importance of Brass Items In Pujas?

Here’s the Complete List of Havan Samagris Available Online

pooja samagri

Havan is performed before or during many Hindu poojas. Here is the complete list of the pooja samagris that are required to perform a homam or havan at home.

A homam or havan is said to be perfectly completed only when all the havan samagris are offered. Havan samagris and the other pooja samagris are offered by Pujashoppe in the form of kits as well as separately to make the arrangement hassle-free for the devotees. Continue reading Here’s the Complete List of Havan Samagris Available Online

Here’s How Can You Worship Tirupati Balaji at Home

puja items online

Are you a devotee of Tirupati Balaji? Want to perform his puja at home? Here’s how to perform his puja with the right pooja items following the right vidhi.

Tirupati Balaji is believed to dwell in the seven hills known as the Tirumala. He is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu and is also identified as Lord Sriniwas, Venkateshwara, Venkatachalam, and Balaji. The name ‘Venkateshwara’ is given to him as he is the destroyer of all sins of every individual. This name can be split into different small terms in Sanskrit like ‘Ven’ which means destroy, ‘kata’ which means sin, and ‘ishwara’ which means the Supreme power. This is why his devotees perform his puja at home with all the required pooja items and also visit the temples of Balaji

Depending on the Hindu scriptures, Vedas, and Upanishads, it is strongly believed that Lord Tirupati Balaji appeared on this planet in the Kalyug for the upliftment and the salvation of humanity, and because of his love for the ones who believe in him strongly. He has the supreme powers of Lord Vishnu to destroy every sin and evil deed. People believe that the tirumala hill is a part of Mount Meru that was introduced on the earth by Garuda. And the seven hills signify the seven hoods of the cosmic serpent or Adi sheesh nag. This makes the hilly place so divine and auspicious. It is also believed that Balaji took a debt for his wedding from Lord Kubera. Till now, those who know this incident visit the temple of Tirupati Balaji in South India and donate cash with the intention of paying his debt.

He is also worshipped at home by his devotees. The puja is generally performed on Saturday in the Purattasi month. The worshippers buy all the required puja kits and puja samagri online for performing his puja at home with perfection and complete devotion. They take bath early in the morning, offer angapradakshina, and then begin the puja. They keep a photo frame of Lord Balaji in the puja area and arrange the rest of the samagris around the frame in the right way. Kumkum is put on his toes, a garland is put around his neck, and then the purohit starts chanting the shlokas from the Vishnu sahasra naam. The devotees must perform the pujan wholeheartedly with faith and belief in Lord Venkatachalam. Once you start the puja, repeat each and every line of the mantras after the pandit chants the lines. The purity of heart is an essential ingredient of the puja.

In case if you visit the temple too for his darshan, step into the temple with complete faith in the Bhagwan. His darshan or his puja at home can fulfill all the desires of the worshippers.

This puja brings peace of mind and soul. It purifies the hearts from every sin and evil. He bestows his devotees always with prosperity. This pujan is simply miraculous and fills the life of the devotees with positivity. The puja helps to obtain spirituality. The ideas and thoughts of the worshippers become constructive and usher in self-realization. Perform this puja at your home to seek the blessings of the Lord and get these benefits.

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What is the Significance of Pradosh Vrat?

puja services

Do you know what is Pradosh vrat? What is the importance of this vrat? What are the puja samagris needed for this vrat? Read the blog to know the answers.

Pradosh Vrat, also known as Prasodam in some regions of the country, is performed for worshipping Lord Shiva. Pradosh vrat falls every year on the thirteenth day of the Hindu calendar that is the trayodashi tithi during both Krishna paksh and the Shukla paksh of the month. The word ‘Pradosh’ stands for the time of sunset in the evening. The duration of this vrat is three hours that include one and a half hour before the sunset and one and a half hour after the sun sets. This ritual is performed by the Hindus with all the required puja samagris to complete the vrat with perfection and devotion. Continue reading What is the Significance of Pradosh Vrat?

FAQs About Different Puja Samagris

pooja products online

You may perform a puja daily at home with different puja samagris but do you know why are these used, how should these be used and everything else about these?

Every Hindu performs puja every day. Almost every day they buy different puja items online to worship the deities. There are many things you should know before performing a puja at your home. Here are a few questions and answers about the different puja samagris that you use to worship the Lord. Continue reading FAQs About Different Puja Samagris

How to prepare Kalash for puja?

online divine gifts

Kalash is a pot to carry water and is of great significance in Hinduism, especially in South India. It depicts various forms of Goddesses in most pujas. Silver or brass Kalash is normally used for many pujas. Many pujas are of no value if Kalash is not counted in and is deemed as indispensable element. Kalash is one of the major components of online divine gifts and sought for its propitious characteristics. Continue reading How to prepare Kalash for puja?

Kajari Teej – A Widespread Community Puja Dedicated To Lord Krishna

kajari-teez blog image

Originated among the Hindu clan of the Indian subcontinent, Kajari Teej is a festival that is widely celebrated by the Hindu women across the country. Celebrated on the third day of the divine Shiva Purnima, Kajari Teej is said to bring about well-being and prosperity in the lives of the individuals who celebrate it. Two other Teej festivals that are performed are – The Hariyali Teej and the Hartalika Teej. You can buy puja samagri online to get your rituals performed with ease. Continue reading Kajari Teej – A Widespread Community Puja Dedicated To Lord Krishna