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Know About the Ingredients of Maghi Purnima Vrat

Maghi Purnima Vrat

Maghi Purnima is an auspicious occasion of the Hindu community. Know about the ingredients of this vrat by reading this blog.

The month of Magh is considered to be very auspicious and holistic. People believe that during this time deities come on earth in human form and take a dip in Prayag along with blessing the complete livelihood. Magh month is the month where people celebrate the holy festival of Maaghi Purnima. It takes place on the full moon day of this month. It falls on somewhere between late January-early February according to the Gregorian Calendar. Devotees usually keep a vrat on this day and worship the Ishta Devatas with premium puja kits online from puja samagri store online in India Continue reading Know About the Ingredients of Maghi Purnima Vrat

Some Tips to Make Your Griha Pravesh An Unforgettable One!

Griha Pravesh

Griha Pravesh is an important puja who just bought a new house. Follow these tips to have a memorable Griha Pravesh puja and do online Pandit Ji booking.

Buying your first house is an achievement for a lifetime. It is a moment of pride and establishment. Everyone around you congratulates you when you buy that first house. However, it is a considerable investment. You may save up for a lifetime to buy a new home and there are so many additional expenses. Doing interiors, furniture., etc- everything costs a lot. Hence, we need to make sure of eliminating all odds and negativities. That is why people organize a Griha Pravesh puja, before starting to reside in the new house. In order to have a smooth puja without any negativity, you need to have a priest who will perform the entire puja. But, getting a priest in this season can be quite difficult and that is why you should opt for online Pandit Ji booking. Continue reading Some Tips to Make Your Griha Pravesh An Unforgettable One!