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The Glorious Festival of Rang Panchami- Holi After Holi

Rang Panchami

Very few people know about the auspicious occasion of Rang Panchami which takes place right after five days of Holi. We will learn about it on this blog.

India is a country of diverse cultures. As a result, every state in the country has different rituals for every festival. Same goes for the festival of colours as well. Holi is celebrated all across the country as it is one of the major festivals. People call it by different names. Some call it dol-Purnima and some call it Jhulan-yatra or so. But very few people are actually aware of the grand Holi that takes place exactly five days after Holi. This is what we call Rang Panchami. People celebrate it with puja kits online

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Celebrate A Safe and Eco-Friendly Holi with these Few Tips


With Holi around the corner, let us take a pledge to celebrate a safe and eco-friendly Holi. Read this blog to know more.

It is the season of the most colourful festival in India- Holi. This festival is all about getting immersed in bright, vibrant colours and expressing our love to one another. People all over the country celebrate it grandly. Holi marks the celebration of triumph over evil. Holi helps us realize the power of truth and good. People also worship Radha and Krishna on this day by purchasing puja kits online

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The Bright and Vibrant Festival of Dol Purnima in Bengal


In Bengal, we celebrate Dol-Purnima. Nothing is as colourful and vibrant as this festival. Read to know more about Dol-Purnima.

People all across the country celebrate Holi. But, do you know that in Bengal the festival of Holi is known as Dol-Jatra or Dol-Purnima?  People in West Bengal celebrate this festival of Dolyatra with grandeur and pride. It may be the festival of colours for the rest of the country but it is way more than that to the people of Bengal. According to the Bengali calendar, it is the last festival of the year. That is why it gains special importance in the lives of people here. You need the proper puja samagris to celebrate this auspicious occasion of Dol-Purnima.

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Know About the Significances of Holika Dahan in Our Culture

holika dahan

Holika Dahan is an important ritual which is celebrated before Holi. Read this blog to know more about the rituals and their importance.

The festival of colours- Holi is celebrated all over the country in great spirit. People of every caste, colour, creed, race come together on the day of Holi and forget the differences between them. The tagline “Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai” represents the secular culture of India. It is the festival which brings colours to life.  There are different names for the festival of Holi. Some call it Dol-Jatra or Basanta Utsav (since it is a spring festival). The most popular Holi is that of the Braj, Mathura, Shantiniketan, Vrindavan, Nandagaon, and Barsana region, etc. These cities are very famous for the festival of Holi. The celebration of Holi begins with Holika Dahan the night before. It is a traditional ritual which you do with different puja samagri. In this blog, we will discuss all it. Continue reading Know About the Significances of Holika Dahan in Our Culture

The Significances and Vidhi of Chandra Darshan Pooja


Chandra Darshan is the first day when the moon is visible after a no moon day. People perform puja and that is why you need to arrange a pooja thali.

Chandra Darshan is a very prosperous event in the Hindu religion. It happens once every month, according to the Hindu calendar. When the moon is spotted after a no moon day or Amavasya, then people perform Chandra Darshan Pooja. There are endless beliefs and reasons for this ritual. It is an auspicious event. You need a complete puja thali to be ready for that. You can shop puja kits from anywhere. Continue reading The Significances and Vidhi of Chandra Darshan Pooja

Know the Process and Ways to Arrange A Satyanarayan Puja At Home

Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayan pooja happens in almost every home. Here’s a blog on how you can arrange a satyanarayan pooja at home with puja thali items.

Satyanarayan Pooja is basically about performing a puja for Lord Satyanarayan or the deity of truth. The importance of this puja is to gather blessings, prosperity, and peace. It also helps you to succeed in your career, personal life like marriage or having a child, etc. If you want to arrange this puja without any mistakes, then you need puja thali items. Continue reading Know the Process and Ways to Arrange A Satyanarayan Puja At Home

Unique Ideas to Run A Franchise of Pooja Samagri Successfully


The concept of opening a pooja samagri franchise is an extremely efficient business idea as the religious market keeps growing. Learn how to run it well.

One of the businesses that will never run out of the market is the business of religion. It might sound a little blunt, but this is the absolute truth. There is nothing wrong about making money out of something beneficial to people in different manners. Also, with the unemployment rate soaring high, people are opting for various business opportunities as a source of income. However, starting a business from scratch requires a lot of investments and efforts. Even if you put everything in starting a business, the risk of whether it will fail or succeed remains. That is why you should go to a franchise system. It is highly suitable to open a pooja samagri franchise. Continue reading Unique Ideas to Run A Franchise of Pooja Samagri Successfully

Sit Back & Perform Effortless Pujas

Those who perform pujas frequently, or let’s say every day, know that any puja requires a lot of preparations, and ingredients, or samagri. From preparing a place to perform the puja to collecting all the required things, all these are tedious tasks to take up.

Worry not; pujashoppe.com has come up with a wide assortment of puja kits, and availability of pandits to perform any puja to help you perform an effortless puja. Now-a-days, it sometimes becomes a challenging task to get a pandit during puja days. You can now book pandit with us, if you are planning any puja. Our pandits will bring with them all the required samagri, and you just need to pay them for the entire puja. See, how easy and exciting it sounds!

The major aim of pujashoppe.com is to provide an effortless and excellent puja experience at your doorstep!

The puja kits available with us include all the essential items that are necessary for a particular puja. We have puja kits appropriate according to various pujas, like Satyanarayn puja, Mahalaxmi puja, Rudrabhishek puja, Navratri puja, Janmastmi puja, Grihparvesh puja, Mahamirtyunjay mantra puja, Namkaran puja, Shadi vivah puja, Diwali puja, Sundarkand puja, Sarswati puja, Laxmi Ganesh puja, etc.

All our puja kits are perfect for gifting purpose as well. You can buy and even send someone these auspicious puja kits within just a few clicks at www.pujashoppe.com. The puja kits are prepared in a way to make your puja experience more effortless and divine.

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Our talented professionals create the products with perfection to lend all out customers a spectacular product experience, like never before!

The main purpose of any puja is that there shouldn’t be any misapprehend in it. To accomplish it, all we require is an appropriate puja kit. Whether you want to perform the daily dialog with God, or you want to take up any special puja, the essential requirements are just a few clicks away from you at pujashoppe.com.

Without much ado, avail the impressive offers also on puja kits that are available for a short time only.

Pujashoppe.com is a remarkable one stop solution to all your puja worries, requirements, and hassles. Get in touch with that almighty with wholesome dedication and effortlessly with us!