The Auspicious Jagadhatri Puja Celebrations – An Autumn Carnival


People celebrate Jagadhatri Puja with Indian puja thali and pooja samagri online shopping bought from the premium pooja samagri store online. To know more about this festival, read this blog.

We refer to Mata Jagadhatri as the ‘protector of all’. She is one of the most powerful incarnations of Goddess Durga, who in all her glory eradicates evil from the face of the Earth. People celebrate this festival with grandeur and enthusiasm in the state of West Bengal, India. Also hailed as the mother of this entire ‘Shrishti’, her idols stand in a gigantic size with attractive ornamentation.

All the devotees of Mata Jagadhatri worship her with pooja samagri online shopping. She embolizes Devi Durga in all her glory and is also believed to be the supreme power. People buy Indian puja thali online to do her puja in a grand manner. There are two destinations where people celebrate this festival with equal grandeur – Krishnanagar, and Chandannagar ( West Bengal). Almost like a carnival that continues for five days, people celebrate this festival in a magnificent manner.  They also do puja arrangements with pooja products online.

The History:-

It all began with a local landlord named Indranarayan Choudhury who conducted the first-ever Jagadhatrti puja at Chandannagar (West Bengal). Similarly, people also believe Maharaja Krishna Chandra from Nadia as the heralder of Jagadhatri puja in Krishnanagar.  This is how people began to celebrate this festival with Premium pooja Samagri bought at reasonable prices during puja shopping online.

About the Idol:-

Goddess Jagadhatri bought from the pooja items store in India is massive in size. She rides a lion, however, in many cases she is also seen to be riding an elephant or a tiger.  Her riders represent power and pride, which the humans should control within themselves for their better good. The idol also shows a snake entangled on her neck which symbolizes her fight against all the evil forces. It is her sacred thread, the “nagajangopaveeta”. People worship this three-eyed and four-armed idol in the colour of the rising sun. You can also do the puja after buying an idol or by purchasing the god photo frame, Indian puja items from the popular online puja samagri store. 

The Puja Vidhi:- 

Besides doing the puja in a grand manner with puja saman from the store of divine items online, the worshippers prepare Bhog, Prasad and distribute it amongst all. 

It begins in the month of Kartik, after a month of Durga Navami done for which you buy Puja Accessories Online. The first day is Saptami when the devotees worship and pray to her as the Yoga and the holy Brahmin, both a pious representation of utmost spiritual upliftment. People do her puja amidst the glorious ambiance of dhak and Dhunuchi. They also offer her fruits, nuts, and flowers beside the endless prayers by people. You can also buy these ingredients from the pooja samagri store

On the eighth day or Ashtami of Devipaksha, people pray to her as the provider of wealth, prosperity and sustenance. She bestows good luck on all after her puja with puja kit. Sometimes people also do animal sacrifices although now, people have replaced it with cutting a cucumber or a watermelon. 

On Navami, the devotees do the main puja with Indian pooja items.

Then comes Vijaya Dashami when people immerse the idol in the Ganges river accompanied by beating drums and Dhaak. People arrange for a huge carnival and roadshow for the entire night so that everyone can enjoyably bring an end to this festive occasion.

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